What is Live Focus on the Samsung Galaxy S9+?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

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Live Focus

In this FAQ:

  • What is Live Focus and how to use it?
  • What is Selfie Focus and how to use it?
  • What are the different Samsung Galaxy camera modes?
  • How to manage camera modes?


What is Live Focus and how to use it?

Live Focus is a new camera feature available in the Galaxy S9+. It allows the wide-angle and telephoto rear cameras to capture the subject and background separately, resulting in photos with a clear focus on the subject and an out-of-focus background.

  • Live Focus with bokeh filters can produce way more stunning portraits. By applying bokeh filters, background lights turn into shapes, adding sparkle to the scene. Choose among a variety of glittering light shapes such as heart, star, butterfly, note, rabbit, snow, aeroplane, flower, twinkle and heptagon.
  • Image Classification Solution automatically categorises images and recognises subjects' surroundings to apply filters that make the photos look like they were taken by a professional photographer.
  • With Dual Capture, the camera can capture a Live Focus image zoomed in on the subject and a photo with a wide angle background, all in one shot. It is highly recommended to position yourself about 1-1.5 m away from the subject. If you want to focus on the subject, shoot at a closer range. For best results, use Live Focus in a place that has enough light.

There are two ways to use Live Focus in the S9+ -- as you take a photo (In Camera) or after you take one (In Gallery).


In Camera:

  1. Tap Camera App > tap LIVE FOCUS.
  2. Drag the background blur adjustment bar to the left or right to adjust the focus on your subject and background blur.
  3. Take a photo!


In Gallery:

  1. Go to Gallery > Tap the photo that you want to increase the background blur.
  3. Drag the background blur adjustment bar to the left or right to adjust the focus on your subject and background blur > Save.


What is Selfie Focus and how to use it?

Selfie Focus is a new camera feature for S9/S9+. Functional only in preview mode, it gives you a real-time background blur effect for your selfies.

  1. Open Camera.
  2. On the preview screen, swipe upwards or downwards. Or, tap the switch camera icon to use the front for self-portraits.
  3. On the shooting modes, tap SELFIE FOCUS.
  4. Face the camera and tap the camera button to take a shot.


What are the different Samsung Galaxy camera modes?


modes and descriptions



AR Emoji

Create Augmented Reality (AR) Emoji of yourself, and you can customize hair, clothes and accessories

Super Slo-Mo

Record videos at 960 frames per second (FPS) so they play back in super slow motion, either in a whole or few parts of the video you select


Take control of your photos by manually setting the exposure value, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, white balance, focal length, and colour tone

Slow motion

Record videos at 240 FPS so they play back in slow motion, either in whole or only in parts of the video you select


Allows you to pan the camera to capture scenes wider than the standard photo size

Hyper lapse

Create time-lapse videos where you control the frame rate


Optimizes the camera settings to enhance vibrant food colours


Allows you to take clearer picture of fast moving objects


Let the device set the exposure and colour settings automatically

Selfie Focus

Allows you to apply a blurry effect (bokeh filter) on the background

Wide Selfie

Allows you to take a group selfie without anyone being cropped out

How to manage camera modes

In the camera preview screen, tap and hold a camera mode to access the following options:

  • Rearrange camera modes: Touch and hold a mode, and then drag it to rearrange the order of the modes.
  • Toggle on/off a camera mode: A mode shortcut lets you quickly open the camera directly in your favourite mode. Mark the checkbox next to the shortcuts you want to add to the Home screen.

See Galaxy S9 / S9+ for more information.


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