Troubleshooting picture issues on your TV

Last Update date : Feb 28. 2021

Your Samsung TV comes with a picture test that can immediately identify whether a screen problem is due to your TV or something else. Certain issues can also be easily resolved by adjusting your TV's settings.

Lines, dots, or spots of any color appear on the TV screen

When the TV has trouble with the picture, these steps may help resolve the problem.

1 Open Settings, and select Support.
2 Select Device Care, and then select Self Diagnosis. Note: On some models, select Support and then select Self Diagnosis.
3 Select Start Picture Test. You will now be taken through a series of picture tests.
4 Confirm Yes or No to confirm whether the problem is visible and to continue to the next test. Look at the screen for any problems, and use the on-screen instructions to complete the picture test.

Lines, dots, or spots appear during Picture Test

In some cases, lines on the screen (especially if they are black) can be caused by a cracked screen. If this is the case, it would still need to contact us to request a service. 

Lines, dots, or spots do not appear during Picture Test

If the test photo is displayed properly, there may be a problem with an external device. Check the connections, the signal strength, or refer to the external device's user manual.

Samsung TV has no picture or a black screen
1 Test the HDMI cable.

To perform the test, make sure the TV's source is still on the HDMI setting for the cable you want to test, and then navigate to Settings. Select Support, select Self Diagnosis, and then select Signal Information. Select HDMI Cable Test, and then select Start Test.

If the test says the cable is bad, replace the cable. Service is not required.

2 Test different external devices

Try connecting a different device or using a different Source port. If you were unable to test the cable in the previous step, then try swapping the cable too.

If the TV can display a picture in any other setup, then the TV is not the cause of the issue. Keep trying various setups until you identify the device or cable that is not working, and then troubleshoot or replace it.

TV keeps freezing and image looks blurry

If the picture freezes while you are watching TV, streaming from your favorite app,  or during any other normal use, all you need to do is update the firmware on your TV.

If your TV is connected to the internet, follow these steps:

1 Press the Home button on your remote.. Navigate to and select Settings (gear icon).
2 Navigate to Support > Software Update > Update Now.
3 Your TV will check for the update and should start downloading the update.
4 After the update is installed the TV will shut down and restart.

You may find Download the firmware from Visit How to update the software and firmware on Samsung TV for more details. 

Note: If the picture continues to freeze after the firmware update please contact us.

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