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Sophisticated, Ergonomic Design

Show some style with the Bluetooth® headset. Its glossy, patterned front casing gives it a sophisticated look, while its ergonomic, slim and lightweight (9.2g) design delivers you a comfortable fit, even during extended wearing periods.

Sophisticated, Ergonomic Design

Comfortable Fit

The Bluetooth® headset comes with both small- and medium-sized hybrid type eartips, which not only reduce outside noise thanks to exceptional sound insulation, but also deliver you an exceptionally comfortable fit. The Bluetooth® headset's clear earhook provides you wearing comfort, no matter what the day ahead has in store for you.

Comfortable Fit

Clear Voice Call Quality

Exclusively designed for making and receiving voice calls, the Bluetooth® headset is equipped with noise-reduction and echo-cancelling functionality, allowing for clearer voice calls. With its ideal mouth-to-microphone positioning, the Bluetooth® headset delivers exceptionally clear sound reproduction.

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Long Battery Life

The Bluetooth® headset offers up to 300 hours of standby time and seven hours of continuous talk time, allowing you stay in touch with the people who matter most to you, no matter where you need to be.

Long Battery Life

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