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An Immersive Viewing Experience Like Never Before: Samsung Introduces 2020 TV and Soundbar Line-up

Jun 25. 2020

New line-up will captivate users with its premium design, sophisticated picture quality, AI-powered innovation and immersive sound experience

Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K TV

Samsung Electronics Singapore unveiled its 2020 TV line-up today, featuring its next-generation QLED 8K TVs, expanded QLED, Crystal UHD TV ranges, as well as an all-new soundbar line-up. With artificial intelligence (AI)-based innovations powering a more immersive viewing experience, as well as intelligent, connected features, the 2020 line-up delivers the ultimate home entertainment experience.


The flagship Q950TS QLED 8K TV is the cornerstone of this year’s line-up. It is the first TV in the industry to feature surround sound audio, true-to-life 8K resolution and a stunning, ultra-thin form factor. Samsung will also launch the Q800T QLED 8K TV range as part of its 2020 QLED 8K TV line-up.


“8K and QLED technology is changing the way we consume content on TVs. With the growth of gaming and streaming content, as well as increased adoption of 8K formats, Singapore consumers are demanding more from their TVs. Our QLED 8K TVs are engineered to exceed consumer expectations now and in the years to come. We are also noting the shift to bigger TV screen sizes as more households perceive the TV as a communal piece of technology where families gather together to enjoy their favourite content,” said Steven Koh, Director, TV & AV, Samsung Electronics Singapore. “Our 2020 line-up offers extensive choices for households, boosted by industry-leading innovation and unparalleled smart features that will redefine the consumer viewing experience at home.”


Reinventing TV Design with QLED 8K

The Q950TS QLED 8K TV essentially eliminates the bezel around the display to create a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 99 percent, the largest in the market. When watching from a distance, users can experience a stunning Infinity Screen effect where the bezels seemingly disappear. The result is an even more immersive viewing experience that eliminates the boundaries between the TV and its surroundings.


In addition, the ultra-thin Q950TS QLED 8K TV boasts a thickness of only 15 millimetres across the entire display. In combination with its completely flat back panel, the TV can lay flush against the wall1 or create a striking silhouette when placed on a media stand.


Separately, the Q800T features a minimalistic 4-side Boundless Design, which creates design harmony for every home.


Redefining Picture Quality

The 2020 QLED 8K line-up reflects Samsung’s commitment to lead the industry in the implementation, adoption and playback of 8K content. As a founding member of the 8K Association, Samsung has partnered the association to establish a first-of-its-kind certification programme to distinguish 8K-enabled TVs and other devices. Each model in the 2020 QLED 8K line-up is certified by the programme and meets the requirements of the 8K Association’s Certified Test Specificationsas well as the Consumer Technology Association’s 8K Ultra HD Display Definitione3.


This year, users will be able to enjoy and stream AV1 codec videos filmed in 8K on Samsung QLED 8K TVs, among the first in the industry to support the playback of native 8K content. Samsung is also working with partners like YouTube to create pathways for streaming native 8K content.


In addition to building out the 8K ecosystem across the industry, the QLED 8K line-up allows consumers to experience the power of 8K resolution even if they are watching lower resolution content, or in an unforgiving environment.


  • Improved 8K AI upscaling4 with Samsung’s 8K Quantum Processor: Leveraging on Samsung’s semiconductor technology, the Q950TS and Q800T QLED 8K TV’s next-generation 8K Quantum Processor features improved AI upscaling capabilities that use deep learning to analyse and identify the characteristics of individual pixels. It then restores different elements of the image to create a pristine 8K picture, regardless of the content source.


  • Adaptive Picture: The Q950TS and Q800T QLED 8K TVs also leverage the power of AI to provide an enhanced entertainment experience in various viewing environments. While traditional TV sensors can only adjust screen brightness based on the ambient light in the room, Adaptive Picture accounts for the distribution of light within the particular scene, ensuring that the TV can maintain a clear picture in both dark and bright rooms. Users can experience picture perfect quality, regardless of the time of day or the content they are watching.


2020 Samsung QLED TV Line-up: An Enhanced TV Experience for Any Home

In addition to the QLED 8K TVs, Samsung also unveiled the 2020 QLED 4K TV line-up spanning across four series – Q95TQ80TQ70T and Q60T. Available in screen sizes ranging from 43 to 85 inches, the 2020 QLED 4K TV line-up features the most powerful 4K experience in any home.


QLED is Safe on Eyes

While prolonged staring at bright screens is known to cause harm to the eyesight, Samsung’s QLED 8K and 4K TVs are the first in the industry to receive verification proving that the various type of lights emitted by its QLED TVs pose no photobiological LED hazard. Both its QLED 8K and 4K TVs have received “no photobiological LED hazard” verifications from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and “eye safety” certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE)5.


An Immersive Sound Performance

Audio is as important when it comes to creating a complete immersive viewing experience. The 2020 QLED series delivers some of the best TV audio features in the market, including side and overhead speakers, as well as sub-woofers in the back⁶. The introduction of the Object Tracking Sound (OTS)7 and OTS+8, which uses AI-based software to match the movement of audio sound with the movement of objects on the screen, delivers crisp and clear surround sound up to 4.2.2 channel.


Combined with the Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)9, a real-time intelligent feature which detects ambient and background noise and automatically enhances voice clarity, users can enjoy dimensional and dynamic audio that lives up to the large screen viewing experience.


Reimagining the TV Experience

Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K TV

Consumers today are consuming more streaming content than ever before. That is why the 2020 QLED TV series offers unique features that help users better enjoy their content and interact with their different devices.


  • The 2020 QLED TV series makes the gaming experience even more immersive. The Real Game Enhancer+10 offers AMD FreeSyncTM for gamers to enjoy smoother game play and clearer game picture by reducing tearing and stuttering.


  • More consumers today are multitasking and using their mobile devices while watching content on their TVs. Multi-View11 ensures that these users do not miss a thing on either screens by projecting their mobile device screen onto the TV alongside a separate window for their TV content. With 14 different layouts, users can customise their viewing experience, from side-by-side viewing to picture-in-picture viewing, along with several other options. In addition, users can also choose to mirror their phone screens to the TV with Tap Viewe12 by simply tapping their smartphone on the TV.


  • Add a splash of personality and elevate any space with Samsung’s Magic Screen13, which allows users to use the QLED TV as an info panel, a display for personal photos or a decorative wallpaper that blends into the surrounding. With Magic Screen and Magic Screen+13, users can experience more intuitive and simpler mobile uploads, as well as a new auto gallery that automatically chooses the most appealing picture layout.


  • Your Samsung TV is smarter than ever with the integration of smart assistants. With Bixby14, consumers can use voice commands to automatically change the mood of a room with video or music options in addition to essential voice features such as TV control and content search. The 2020 QLED TV line-up also works with third-party voice assistants like Google Assistant. For a truly bespoke experience, Samsung SmartThings app provides an ecosystem of connected devices15 to enable a smart home, empowering users to take control of their viewing habits even further such as adapting the lighting in the room.


2020 Samsung Crystal UHD TV: Vivid Colours with Crystal Display

Samsung is also introducing a refreshed UHD TV line-up, which features powerful picture quality made possible by the 4K Crystal Processor in stunning details with High-Dynamic Range, clean cable solutions, Auto Game Mode and Smart TV functions.


In addition, the Crystal UHD TV TU8000 series now comes equipped with the Magic Screen13 feature that allow users to harmonise the TV with their interior design, while sharing their favourite moments.


Samsung Q Series Soundbars: Audio Synergy with Samsung QLED TVs

The Samsung HW-Q800T soundbar, a 2020 CES Best of Innovation honouree16

Along with the new line-up, Samsung has also refreshed its Q Series soundbar range – the HW-Q800THW-Q70T and HW-Q60T. The soundbars sync with any 2020 QLED TV series to combine and enhance sound through both speakers for a new level of acoustic immersion like never before.


Samsung’s new Q-Symphony technology creates a more dynamic and multi-dimensional soundscape by pairing the QLED TV’s built-in speakers as an additional audio channel when connected to a Q Series soundbar. By utilising these audio channels, Samsung Q-Symphony delivers a fuller and richer sound that must be heard to be believed.


Additionally, Samsung is also launching the S Series and T Series soundbars:


  • The S Series soundbar surrounds users with powerful sound, all in one elegantly refined design featuring Kvadrat textile that complements any interior with the perfect balance of style, cutting-edge technology and durability.


  • The compact T Series soundbar brings adaptive smart sound by analysing the audio tracks of each content to optimise the sound for any TV viewing, be it a loud sports match or a drama with quiet dialogue.


Local Availability and Pricing

The Samsung QLED 8K, QLED and Crystal UHD TV line-ups, and soundbars are now available in Singapore on Samsung Online Store and major consumer electronics & IT stores.

* Samsung Online Store exclusive models.
^ Applicable with purchase of any Samsung TV models. Terms and conditions apply.
# Terms and conditions apply.

APPENDIX 1: Specifications for Samsung QLED 8K, QLED 4K and Crystal UHD TVs

APPENDIX 2: Specifications for Samsung Soundbar

1 A small gap between the wall and TV may occur if wall is not 100% flat or is constructed off-angle to the floor or if installed incorrectly.

2 The 8K Association (8KA) is a cross-industry group focused on facilitating the growth of the 8K ecosystem. The 8KA created performance criteria in concert with the association’s membership for 8K televisions. The 8KA currently has 16 members and expanding. Member companies like Samsung Electronics are able to promote 8K certified TVs after they are validated by the 8KA.

3 The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ is the trade association representing the consumer technology industry. The CTA currently has over 2000 members and expanding. Member companies like Samsung Electronics are able to promote product standards once certified by CTA.

4 Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. '8K AI Upscaling' may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode.

5 Both safety certification institutions, UL and VDE, tested the 65Q900T 8K model and 65Q90T 4K models – both of which emit the brightest light among Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV lineup – for their blue light, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays.

6 Only applicable for models with OTS and OTS+.

7 Available on Q80T (except 49”) and Q95T 4K models.

8 Available on Q800T and Q950TS 8K models.

9 Available on Q800T and Q950TS 8K models and Q70T, Q80T and Q95T 4K models.

10 Available on Q800T and Q950TS 8K models and Q70T, Q80T (except 49”) and Q95T 4K models.

11 Available only on QLED models and subject to device compatibility.

12 Tap View needs to be set up via the SmartThings app, and works only with compatible devices and when mobile screen is on.

13 The Magic Screen+ / Magic Screen background setting feature may vary depending on the environment where the TV is installed including, but not limited to, wall designs, patterns, and/or colours. Magic Screen+ is available on Q800T and Q950TS 8K models and Q70T, Q80T and Q95T 4K models. Magic Screen is available on Q60T 4K and TU8000 Crystal UHD models.

14 Bixby service availability requires Samsung Account login and data connection. Available functions and features may vary by country, region, and language. Not all actions can be completed through voice control. Not all accents, dialects, and expressions are recognised, and actual performance may vary depending on pronunciation, voice level, and the surrounding environment.

15 Requires installation of SmartThings app on compatible mobile device. Requires an internet connection. Subject to device compatibility. Samsung SmartThings compatible devices may vary by region.

16 The HW-Q800T was awarded the Best of Innovation for Home Audio or Video Components & Accessories at CES Innovation Awards 2020.

17 The HDR10+ certification may vary by model and is only available on HDR10+ content.

18 QLED TVs have received verification from world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), for its ability to produce 100% colour volume. 100% color volume measured to DCI-P3 standard.