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Samsung Introduces Latest Digital Appliance Innovations to Enhance the Consumer Home Experience

Nov 03. 2017

Singapore – 3 November 2017 – Samsung Electronics Singapore today introduced the latest additions to its digital appliance family – the Samsung FlexWashTM WR9000M, Samsung Twin CoolingTM Food Showcase Refrigerator Side by Side and the Samsung POWERbotTM Star WarsTM Special Edition VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – demonstrating the brand's commitment in bringing thoughtful innovations that seamlessly elevates consumers' lives in meaningful ways.


The Samsung FlexWashTM WR9000M and the Samsung POWERbotTM Star Wars Special Edition VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner are also part of a range of digital appliances that will be showcased at the upcoming Samsung Open House at COURTS Megastore, Tampines.


The Samsung Open House version 2.0 (SOH 2.0), which will be opened to public from 11 November 2017, is an experiential retail concept that offers consumers an interactive and connected smart home experience that is innovative, versatile and holistic. An impressive feature of SOH 2.0 includes CenterStage, a revolutionary digital experience that showcases Samsung's range of digital appliances in a compelling environment. Presented in the most ultra-realistic manner on a 85-inch Samsung UHD display with images, consumers will be able to visualize how each of the appliances might look like in their home.


"Samsung is always exploring innovative ways for consumers to experience our exciting range of products. The Samsung Open House provides an excellent platform for us to showcase our full range of digital appliances, allowing consumers to truly immerse themselves into the smart home experience," said Mr. Lee Jui Siang, President, Samsung Electronics Singapore. "We are also excited to introduce our latest digital appliances, especially the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Special Edition for fans who want to bring a touch of the Star Wars Galaxy into their homes."



Samsung FlexWashTM WR9000M

Thanks to hectic schedules, the lifestyle of the modern consumer now calls for a lot more multitasking than before. To help ease the load when doing the laundry, Samsung has introduced the Samsung FlexWashTM WR9000M.


The revolutionary FlexWashTM is a washer-dryer combination model that tightly integrates two washers and a dryer into one high performance appliance. With a range of core Samsung laundry technologies and features, including the popular AddWash Door, FlexWashTM is designed to offer users a quiet wash and reduce laundry time while providing a higher level of care for clothes to make them last longer.


Each of the two laundry compartments boasts unique features geared towards specific articles of clothing. The FlexWashTM front-loader can either be an AddWash washing machine or dryer, and is equipped with a 21kg capacity to handle main loads. After a wash cycle finishes, the washer can convert into a dryer, offering consumers the flexibility to start the dry cycle without moving clothes. The FlexWashTM top-loader is intended for washing small loads of delicate or baby clothing that require extra care. Both loaders can be operated at the same time or separately and this ability to operate both the top and bottom units separately or simultaneously addresses a strong consumer demand to wash clothes faster, while still keeping items separate.


The all-in-one laundry solution also uses three core Samsung laundry technologies: Vibration Reduction Technology Plus (VRT PlusTM), EcoBubbleTM, Bubble SoakTM. VRT PlusTM reduces vibration with an innovation design, so heavy loads stay balanced and quiet even at high speeds.


EcoBubbleTM uses air and water to dissolve detergent, creating powerful bubble action for cleaning that is up to 40 times more effective than normal detergent dissolved solution. while Bubble SoakTM thoroughly soaks clothes in active bubbles after the normal wash cycle for an extra round of powerful cleaning, while VRT reduces noise and vibrations during high speed spins.


The units are also Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled, backed by Smart Control, which allows users to take control of their machines anytime and anywhere with their smartphones, letting them start, stop, and monitor every cycle from the palm of their hand.


The Samsung FlexWashTM WR9000M will be available from 27 November 2017 at all major consumer electronics stores at a recommended retail price of $3,599.


Samsung Twin CoolingTM Food Showcase Refrigerator Side by Side
Keeping your food fresh over longer periods of time is a key component to consider when getting a refrigerator. To check that box, Samsung is proud to introduce the new Samsung Twin CoolingTM Food Showcase Refrigerator Side by Side, which boasts unique qualities aimed at enhancing modern living while bringing refined elegance through a premium design.


Keeping it Fresh

Featuring Samsung's unique Twin Cooling PlusTM technology, which cools the fridge and freezer compartments separately, food stays fresher longer as independent evaporators and cooling systems ensure an optimal environment, with high humidity and no mixing of odours. The Metal Cooling guard also helps to retain the cold and restore heat loss, so food is preserved better and stays fresh, even during frequent opening of the ShowCase door.



The Samsung Twin CoolingTM Food Showcase Refrigerator Side by Side also uses the Active Fresh Keeper feature to keep it clean and hygienic. Air is passed through an Activated Carbon filter, so that it is constantly deodorised while an anti-bacterial mesh eliminates bacteria.


A Refrigeration Masterpiece

Consisting of a very spacious interior with a huge 620-litre capacity, the Samsung Twin CoolingTM Food Showcase Refrigerator Side by Side allows consumers to have plenty of room to store their groceries. By having different unit compartments such as the ShowCase, InnerCase, and Flex Guard, organisation becomes a cinch, allowing consumers to easily find what they need.


The ShowCase acts like a "fridge within a fridge", consisting of five spacious cases for favourite and frequently used foods such as drinks, sauces, and snacks. The InnerCase is located deeper within the fridge, to store and preserve perishable items such as fruits and vegetables. The Flex Guard allows users to easily adjust the height of the guard to fit in taller bottles, ensuring optimal use of the door space.


The Samsung Twin CoolingTM Food Showcase Refrigerator Side by Side also features a Lock N Move Tray, which is airtight, movable, and fits on rails. With an easily transferrable unit, it is ideal for storing and defrosting meat in the fridge or preserving dried food in the freezer.


The Samsung Twin CoolingTM Food Showcase Refrigerator Side by Side will be available in Steel colour from 18 December 2017 at all major electronics stores.


Samsung POWERbotTM Star Wars Special Edition VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Embrace the power of the dark side with the release of a Samsung POWERbotTM Star Wars Special Edition VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner that comes either in the shape of Darth VaderTM or a StormtrooperTM.


The Darth Vader version of the POWERbotTM resembles Darth Vader's iconic mask with a specially created cover using custom premium materials, while the Stormtrooper version replicates the look of a white and black Stormtrooper's helmet. To inject more fun and entertaining elements, both models offer sound effects in relation to each character. For example, when powering on the Darth Vader unit, the vacuum will play and mimic the character's infamous breathing.


The Samsung POWERbotTM Star Wars Special Edition VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner promises all of the powerful cleaning technology and features of the original VR7000, such as a suction power capacity of 10 watts, CycloneForce technology, and Edge Clean Master, which helps the unit clean close to walls and edges. It can even work autonomously, using Visionary MappingTM Plus to remember the room and find the fastest cleaning routes around the user's home. FullView SensorTM 2.0 allows the unit to clean around home decorations and valuable personal items as small as 10mm.


Pre-order for Samsung POWERbotTM Star Wars Special Edition VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Samsung POWERbotTM Star Wars Special Edition VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be available for an exclusive pre-order online from 12pm, 4 November 2017 to 12pm, 14 November 2017. Consumers can pre-order online at the respective websites of the following major consumer electronics stores and Lazada Singapore.


 Audio House:
• Best Denki:
• Gain City:
• Harvey Norman:
• Lazada Singapore:
• Mega Discount:
• Parisilk:
• Rack85:



All successful pre-order customers will receive a complimentary pair of Golden Village movie tickets1 for every purchase of a Samsung POWERbotTM Star Wars Special Edition VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, upon delivery on 16 November 2017.


The Samsung POWERbotTM Star Wars Special Edition Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be available from 17 November 2017 at all major consumer electronics stores at the following recommended retail prices



• Darth Vader: $1,049
• Stormtrooper: $949



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