Triple Cooling Multi Door, 610L, Energy Rating 3 Ticks


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Triple Cooling System

Triple Cooling System



Digital Inverter

Digital Inverter

610 ℓ

Net Total(Liter)

Outstanding Freshness

Triple Cooling System

Samsung’s Triple cooling system uses 3 independent cooling systems for optimal control of temperature and humidity in each compartment. This keeps your food fresh for longer while also preventing the mixing of odours between different compartments.

Samsung multi-door refrigerator with Triple Cooling System

Flexible Storage Options


Samsung’s innovative Flexzone™ compartment is an independently controlled compartment that gives you the flexibility to switch between 4 different temperature settings based on your various storage needs, all controlled by a simple touch of a button. The 4 customisable temperature settings are - Fridge at 2ºC, Chill at -1ºC, Soft Freeze at -5º C, and Frozen at -23ºc to -15ºc.

Samsung multi-door refrigerator with FlexZone

Preserve the freshness of your meat & fish


The Chill mode in the Flexzone™ compartment provides precise cooling for preserving fish, meat and poultry – keeping them at an optimum -1°C with minimal temperature fluctuation, so they stay fresh with the best flavour and texture.

Samsung multi-door refrigerator with Chill mode

Timeless Stylish Design

Its premium style, with a solid metal finish and recessed door handles, brings refined elegance to any modern kitchen.

Samsung multi-door refrigerator with stylish design

More Space to Store More Food

Large Capacity

The spacious interior with a huge 610 liter capacity gives you plenty of room to store and organise your weekly groceries, so you don’t have to make frequent trips to the grocery store and can easily find things you need.

Samsung multi-door refrigerator with large capacity

Easy Storage

Adjustable Shelf

The Slide & Fold Shelf adds extra flexibility to your storage – simply slide it in or fold it up to create more room for larger bottles and tall items with ease.

Samsung multi-door refrigerator with adjustable shelf

Neat & Organised Storage space

Easy Big Door Bin

The Bin lets you store larger items inside the door. It can handle bulky cartons of milk and juice and two rows of drinks cans and bottles - ideal for entertaining!

Samsung multi-door refrigerator with Easy Big Door Bin
  • 610 ℓ Net Total(Liter)
  • 908 mm Net Width(mm)
  • 147 kg Net Weight(kg)
  • 733 mm Net Depth with Door Handle(mm)
  • 3 Tick Energy Efficiency (NEA)
  • Triple Cooling Cooling Type

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How It Stacks Up

How It Stacks Up

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