Close up of the hardware inside Galaxy S10+ including the processor.


Next generation performance for a generation that can’t wait


The phone that's ready to go all day, just like you

24-Hour Intelligent Battery1 to power you all day long.

Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ learn your daily routine and usage patterns, powering down apps you don't need. Manage your battery life with the Adaptive Power Saving Mode 1 and spend more time living and less time charging with a 4100mAh (typical) battery capacity on the Galaxy S10+.2

A woman lies on a bench at night using the Galaxy S10+.

*Available on Galaxy S10+. Galaxy S10 has 3400mAh (typical) and Galaxy S10e has 3100mAh (typical) battery capacity.

Wireless PowerShare gives you the power to share.

We've engineered Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ to charge Qi-certified devices and some Samsung wearable devices like a wireless charger.3 Simply place the device on top of your phone in the center — no cables necessary. Use it to power up your friend's phone, or charge your earbuds on the go.

A man and woman at a cafe with and two Galaxy S10+ phones on the table, one powersharing with the other.

Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 brings your phone back to life faster.

Thanks to the power of Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ charge faster than previous Galaxy phones when using a Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad. With the charger's Turbo Cooling Fan, you won't have to worry about your phone overheating.4, 5

A person reads a book while their Galaxy S10+ charges on the Wireless Charger Duo Pad on the table.


A processor that's one step ahead so it won't slow you down.

Advanced AP and RAM for next generation processing power.

Want better performance while using less energy? The resourceful processor of up to 12GB RAM6 helps your phone run smoothly even through live broadcasts and graphics-heavy games. Plus, the addition of an NPU to the AP powers the intelligent camera.

*Simulated image for illustration purposes.

Illustrated animation of the advanced AP and RAM combination, with light that subtly pulsates.
Up to 29% faster CPU7 Up to 37% faster GPU7 Up to 12GB RAM


Get laptop storage without the laptop

Storage and expandable memory keep special moments in easy reach.

Delete when you want to, not because you have to. The Galaxy S10+ Performance Edition boasts internal storage of up to 1TB, and you can add another 512GB via microSD card for up to a revolutionary 1.5TB of storage space.8

Galaxy S10+ with the Gallery interface shows 28 photos, behind which are more, illustrating the ability to store a lot of photos.

*Up to 512GB additional storage with external microSD card for maximum 1.5TB storage capacity available only on Galaxy S10+ Performance Edition models (12GB RAM with 1TB internal storage).

Samsung 512GB microSD card

*MicroSD card sold separately. Availability of 512GB microSD card may vary depending on country and manufacturer.

Hybrid SIM gives you the flexibility of two numbers.

With dual SIM support, you can use two numbers and data plans on the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. When you need extra storage, simply remove the second SIM from the hybrid SIM tray and put a microSD card in its place.

Front view of upper half of Galaxy S10+ with hybrid SIM tray ejected and two SIM cards in place.

*SIM card sold separately. Availability of dual SIM may vary depending on country or carrier.

*MicroSD card sold separately.


Next generation connectivity that keeps you connected

Intelligent Wi-Fi and LTE connect you quicker to content you love.

Share faster and stay connected even in a crowd — the Intelligent Wi-Fi is faster with Wi-Fi 6 and helps prevent Wi-Fi fraud.9 Out of Wi-Fi range? You can still hit incredible LTE speeds up to 2.0Gbps for less buffering.10

Galaxy S10+ with a prismatic S10 logo graphic onscreen.
Galaxy S10+ with prismatic Wi-Fi icon on screen.
Galaxy S10+ with a livestreamed concert with comments overlaid on screen.
Wi-Fi Up to 1.2Gbps Download Up to 1.2Gbps Upload Up to 2.0Gbps Download Up to 150Mbps Upload


Perfectly tuned to surround you with sound

Stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos combine for a theater-like experience.

Immerse yourself in sound by AKG through Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10's stereo speakers. Enjoy three-dimensional, Dolby Atmos enhanced audio with astounding clarity, rich symmetry, and louder volume that puts you in the middle of your music and movies.11

Galaxy S10+ with the Samsung Music interface onscreen and animated circles to show stereo speakers.


The phone that turns the whole world into a game

Optimised for gaming so you can crush your high score.

Your phone is prevented from overheating and becoming sluggish with advanced hardware like the vapor chamber cooling system, AI-based performance improvements, and a GPU optimised to ensure smooth gameplay. Plus, the long-lasting battery means you can worry less about power mid-game.12

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

*Vapour chamber cooling system only available on Galaxy S10+. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e have an advanced heatpipe cooling system.

Galaxy S10+ without a display, showing the hardware inside hat includes the vapor chamber cooling system.
Galaxy S10 plus in landscape mode with a scene from the game Fortnite on-screen

Immersive experience takes your games to the next level.

The high-resolution Infinity-O Display and Dolby enhanced game mode deliver realistic picture and better sound, while Unity game engine optimisation powers up your gaming experience.
* A near bezel-less, full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen.

Stand out with the new iKONIK outfit and Scenario emote

This exclusive iKONIK outfit with a K Pop-inspired emote will impress your squad and separate you from the noobs. Get it now when you level up to the Galaxy S10.

Fort Knight iKONIK

* iKONIK outfit and Scenario emote applicable only for new Galaxy S10 purchases, until 31 December 2019. Once downloaded, players may use the iKONIK outfit for as long as they want.

* Availability of Fortnite game may vary by country or region.


The phone that's not afraid of water

Water and dust resistant to withstand the elements.

Worry less about your phone, regardless of the environment. Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ feature an IP68 rating, the highest mobile device standard for water and dust resistance.13

Galaxy S10+ with drops of water all over it to represent its water-resistant IP68 rating.


Vault-like security built to let only you in

Samsung Knox protects your privacy at every layer.

Built into the phone's hardware and software from the start, Samsung Knox protects your phone from the minute it's turned on. Offering multi-layered security, it defends your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats.

Animation of Galaxy S10+ screen popping off to reveal five layers of Samsung Knox built in from the chip up.
Hardware Root of Trust
SE for Android
Knox Verified Boot

Biometric authentication ramps up security with personalised access.

Pick a method that works for you. Enhanced security via the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor allows you to access apps securely through Samsung Pass.14 You can also choose a PIN, a pattern or password too.

*Galaxy S10 and S10+'s Ultrasonic Fingerprint has received the world’s first FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification.

*Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor only available on Galaxy S10 and S10+.

*Fingerprint Scanner GUI simulated for illustration purposes.

*Model and color availability may vary by country or carrier.

Galaxy S10e with a line pointing out Face Recognition and another pointing out the Fingerprint Scanner on the power button.
Galaxy S10 with a black screen and a line pointing out Face Recognition and another pointing out Ultrasonic Fingerprint.
Galaxy S10+ with a black screen and a line pointing out Face Recognition and another pointing out Ultrasonic Fingerprint.
Galaxy S10e
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10+


Galaxy S10e
  • Prism White
  • Prism Black
  • Prism Green
Galaxy S10
  • Prism White
  • Prism Black
  • Prism Green
Galaxy S10+
  • Prism White
  • Prism Black
  • Prism Green
  • Ceramic White*
  • Ceramic Black*

Screen size

Galaxy S10e 5.8”
Galaxy S10 6.1”
Galaxy S10+ 6.4”

Display type

Galaxy S10e Flat
Galaxy S10 Edge
Galaxy S10+ Edge

Fingerprint Sensor

Galaxy S10e Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor (Side)
Galaxy S10 Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor (On-screen)
Galaxy S10+ Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor (On-screen)

Front Camera

Galaxy S10e Selfie Camera
Galaxy S10 Selfie Camera
Galaxy S10+ Selfie Camera RGB Depth Camera

Rear Camera

Galaxy S10e Wide-angle Camera Ultra Wide Camera
Galaxy S10 Telephoto Camera Wide-angle Camera Ultra Wide Camera
Galaxy S10+ Telephoto Camera Wide-angle Camera Ultra Wide Camera

Battery Capacity*

Galaxy S10e 3100mAh (typical)
Galaxy S10 3400mAh (typical)
Galaxy S10+ 4100mAh (typical)
  • Model and colour availability may depend on country or carrier.
  • Ceramic version only available on 8GB RAM with 512GB internal storage and 12GB RAM with 1TB internal storage Galaxy S10+ models.
  • 3100mAh, 3400mAh, and 4100mAh (typical) refers to the estimated average battery capacity as tested under third-party lab conditions under IEC 61960 standard, considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3000mAh for Galaxy S10e, 3300mAh for Galaxy S10 and 4000mAh for Galaxy S10+. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

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