How to Create a Backup of the Recovery Phrase on the Samsung Blockchain Keystore

Last Update date : May 12. 2022

Creating a backup copy of our data is always important. It’s necessary to make a way to recover your data in case you change devices, or if they are lost or stolen. It is especially important for you to back up your recovery phrase from the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Illustration of a woman holding a phone and a key next to a man holding a cryptocurrency coin.

Since the November 2020 update for Samsung Blockchain Keystore, users are allowed to opt out of the backup process when creating a new wallet. However, we strongly recommend that you follow this backup procedure for the safe use of our service:

1 Tap on “Back up” in “Back up recovery phrase” page in the initial setup process.
2 If you have chosen to back up later, go to the menu list of Samsung Blockchain Keystore, tap “Back up recovery phrase”.

Please note: You are solely responsible for any losses occurred from not backing up your recovery phrase.

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