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Last Update date : Sep 20. 2022

Samsung Kids comes with lots of features that give children a safe place to learn while they are enjoying their Galaxy devices. Find out more about how the Samsung Kids app encourages creativity and exploration inside a secure virtual environment. 

View of the Bobby´s Canvas app from Samsung Kids.

Samsung Kids comes with a range of bundled apps, including My Phone, My Camera, Crocro's Friends Village, and Crocro's Adventure.


  • My Phone: Lets children make calls to selected contacts. You can use this app after adding contacts from the parental control screen. (Text messaging options are unavailable).


  • My Camera: Children can take photos and videos with their phones. With My Camera you can use a range of effects that add accessories such as glasses and hats by clicking the button in the upper left corner of the screen. You can also decorate backgrounds with a variety of stickers from Kids mode characters. 


  • My Gallery: In My Gallery, you can view the pictures and videos you took with My Camera, as well as images and videos you can add through the parental control screen.


  • Crocro’s Friends Village: This app lets children build a house where various characters in the game can live. If children tap the hammer-shaped icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, they can change the shape of each floor. There are seven design options available for each story, from the 1st to the 4th floor. Children can select the design and shape for each floor of the house they want to build. Also, when children click on the characters living on each floor, they can carry out a range of daily activities with them.


  • Bobby’s Canvas: Bobby's Canvas lets you create a variety of drawings in several different styles. (When you open the app, you will see the Sketchbook, Colouring Book, Scratch Art, and Sand Art options, arranged clockwise from the upper left corner to the right side of the screen.)


  • Lisa’s Music Band: Lisa's Music Band lets children experiment with sounds to produce a symphony of their very own. Every time you tap the Lisa character, you will hear sounds including musical instruments, animals, and transport noises, as well as human sounds. If you add music files from the parental control screen, you can let your child play music with a variety of additional sounds.


  • My Magic Voice: You can use fun effects to make your voice sound like a certain character's voice.


  • Crocro’s Adventure: Develop your children's analytical skills with a fun block coding game that requires no previous coding knowledge whatsoever to play. By just experimenting and having fun, your child will begin to understand the basic elements of programming and algorithms.


  • My Browser: You can modify the setup for My Browser so that your child can only access certain websites. You can do this by tapping the new website icon (+) and entering the website name and address. You can change the website name through “Settings”.

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