What is Secure Wi Fi

Last Update date : Nov 21. 2022

Wi-Fi networks are widely used worldwide for wireless data transmission and reception. However, public Wi-Fi networks are very attractive targets for those who want to steal and manipulate wireless data. These public Wi-Fi networks allow attackers to collect data containing personal information and steal sensitive information such as login credentials, banking details, or credit card numbers. Secure Wi-Fi is an app which protects users from these types of attacks.

View of the Secure Wi-Fi logo over the main screen of the app.

Based on network data encryption technology Secure Wi-Fi protects user data from cyberattacks, providing an environment where Galaxy users can use Wi-Fi networks with more confidence.

Support specifications:

  • Devices: Samsung smartphones and tablets (specific devices may not be supported due to hardware performance).
  • Software: Android™ 8.0 (O OS) or higher.
  • App execution path: Go to device settings, select “Biometrics and security” option, and tap “Secure Wi-Fi”.

Please note: Services provided may vary depending on the country and device being used.

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