Why Do I Get an Error When Signing into My Samsung Account

Last Update date : Jun 01. 2022

Occasionally you may encounter an issue that prevents you from signing into your Samsung account. Below, find out what to do if this unlikely scenario happens. 

View of the Samsung account sign in screen with an error symbol.

If you cannot sign in, first check to make sure your Android™ version and Samsung account version is up to date.
Check the Samsung Account status website. Sometimes, sign-in problems can be caused by temporary system issues.

1 If you encounter an error message such as "An error occurred during an SSL connection" or "Sign in failed due to difference between current time and device", check the date and time settings on your device. For security reasons, Samsung accounts require the date and time settings to match the actual date and time.
2 If you still have problems signing in, please contact Customer Support on the Samsung Account official website. Select the Contact us option and explain which error message you received.

Our engineers may also need you to provide your device log to help resolve an issue. Here is how to find the log:

Change the phone's debug mode to High or Mid:

1 Execute your Phone.
2 Type *#9900# into the phone number field.
3 Go to Debug level and select High (If high does not exist, press MID). After you change the Debug level, the phone will automatically reboot.

Get the log from the device:

1 Connect your phone to a PC using a USB cable.
2 In File explorer, tap phone and copy the "log" folder and share. Send us only the file that matches this format: dumpState_< code_date>.log (e.g: dumpState_G950FXXU4DSDA_201905231831.log).

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