How to add/remove Bluetooth on Samsung Windows 8?

Last Update date : Jul 07. 2022

To add or remove Bluetooth device, follow these steps:

Adding a Bluetooth device

1 Turn on a Bluetooth device (keyboard, headset, etc)
2 Refer to your user manual to cancel previous pairing on your Bluetooth device and go into standby mode
3 Charm bar > Click Settings icon > Click Change PC settings
Change PC Settings
4 Click Wireless and set Bluetooth to On
5 Click Devices and then Change PC settings
Add a Device
6 Select a Bluetooth device to connect
Select a bluetooth device
7 For a keyboard, enter the number shown on the screen. For other devices, follow instructions on the screen
Enter a Passcode into the keyboard

Removing a Bluetooth device

1 Charm bar > Click Settings icon > Click Change PC settings
2 Click the Devices menu
Click Devices
3 Locate the device to remove and click the - button on the right
Locate the Device
4 Click the Remove button in the device removal confirmation window
Remove the Bluetooth Device

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