How to have PC service through internet on Windows 8 PC?

Last Update date : Jul 13. 2022

Starting S Service

1 On the Windows 8 Start Screen, right click on an empty space
2 Choose All Apps in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click Support Center in the Samsung folder
Select Support Center
3 On the User Account Control window, click Yes
Select Yes in User Account Control Panel
4 Click Internet Consultation button
(This will open up S Service program when it is already installed in your computer. If not, Internet Explorer will appear)
Select Internet Consultation
5 Click Start Up button and then click run button
Select Start Up and Run
6 Once S Service installation panel opens up, click Next button
Select Next in S Service Installation Panel
7 Click I agree to user agreement
User Agreement Acceptance
8 Type in Contents, Username then click Request
Fill up Contents and Username

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