How to use Triple Display on Samsung Windows 8 PC?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

How to set up triple display

1 In the start screen, right click on an empty area
2 Click SW Update in All apps
Select SW Update
3 Update Graphics Driver in the Update menu
(No update if the graphic driver is updated to the latest version)
Update Graphic Driver to the latest version
4 Connect two monitors using a VGA adapter and HDMI adapter
Connecting two monitors with adapters
5 In desktop mode, right click on an empty area
6 Select Graphics Properties > Advanced Mode and click OK
Select Advanced Mode in Graphic Properties Panel
7 Select Display > Multiple Displays
Select Multiple Displays in Display Panel
8 Set Operating Mode to Expanded Desktop and set Active Displays to 3
Set to Expanded Desktop Mode
9 Specify Primary Display, Second Display and Third Display to desired monitors
Specify Desired Monitors

How to change the resolution

1 In desktop mode, right click on an empty area
2 Click Screen resolution
Select Screen Resolution
3 Select Display and change the resolution
4 The position of each monitor can be changed by dragging with the mouse
Position each Monitor

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