Tips on how to clean your Samsung PC Monitor

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

Please note:
• To avoid the risk of electric shock, make sure your hands are dry before plugging/unplugging the monitor to/from an electrical outlet

• Do not press down the screen when cleaning the monitor. Pressing down can cause scratches or damages to the display

• Use only cleansers made specifically for cleaning monitors and monitor screens. Cleansers that are not made to clean monitors can scratch the display and strip off the finish

• Do not spray any kind of liquid directly on to the screen or monitor case

• Do not use paper towels or abrasive pads to clean your monitor. Using an abrasive pad or any wood-based paper product such as paper towels can scratch your screen  

Steps to clean your screen safely:

1 Disconnect the monitor's power cable from the power source
2 Gently wipe the surface using a clean, dry microfibre cloth. Apply as little pressure as possible. To remove tough marks, such as smudges, spray a small amount of non-abrasive cleanser on the micro-fibre cloth before wiping it over the screen
3 Wait until your monitor is completely dry before plugging it back and power up

Choice of cleaning cloth and solution

To clean your monitor, we recommend using a double-sided microfibre cloth. Besides being extremely soft and non-abrasive, these cloths are also non-electrostatic, which is ideal for cleaning monitor screens. Be sure to remove the tags from the cloth before using it on your screen


Do not use cleaning fluids that contain any of the following agents:


• Acetone

• Ethyl Alcohol

• Ethyl Acid

• Ammonia

• Methyl Chloride   

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