Basic tips for proper food storage in a Samsung fridge

Last Update date : Jul 13. 2022

Proper storage practices help to keep your food fresh and long lasting. Keeping your Refrigerator at the correct temperature can prevent bacteria from growing and spoil your food. Avoid overloading your Refrigerator so that cold air can circulate properly. 

Here are some of the basic tips to store your food in the Refrigerator and keep it freshness:

To maintain crispy conditions of biscuits

Put the biscuits in an air tight container with a cube of sugar. Sugar will help to absorb moistures and maintain the biscuit's cripsy condition for an extended period of time

To keep raw meat, poultry and fish

Always keep raw meat, poultry and fish wrap up and keep it in the lower shelf of the Refrigerator.

This help to prevent food smells from premeating the inner liner and also juices from dripping onto other foods. Fresh meat, poultry and fish should be consumed within a couple of days to prevent turning bad and emit unpleasant odors.

To maintain the taste of mayonnaise

It is best to keep the mayonnaise in room temperature. Mayonnaise is quite sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. In hot temperature, mayonnaise will deterioriate easily whereas in cold temperature, the main ingredients such as vinegar, oil and egg yolk will be separated causing mayonnaise to lose its flavor.

Always keep the mayonnaise in a cool place out of reach of direct sunlight and heat.

To keep the freshness of eggs

Eggs will stay fresher for an extend period of time when kept in the egg carton, instead on the egg tray near the door shelf.

Always consume the fresh eggs within five weeks.

To keep fruits and vegetables

Keep fruits and vegetables in clean plastic bags or containers and store them separately as fruits will produce ethylene gas which can shorten the storage life.

Tropical fruits do not require low temperature and it is not a good idea to keep in the Refrigerator. Instead, store at room temperature and put them in the Refrigerator when ripe enough to eat.

To enrich milk

Put in the freezer compartment and freeze about a quantity of 0.13 - 0.26 gallon. When it is frozen hard, take it out and thaw to half-frozen state. As the half-frozen milk contains ice, its percentage of water in milk is relatively low and as the concentration level is high, you can enjoy more enriched milk.

Always put the milk container at the back of Refrigerator as the temperature is colder. Once milk is poured, never pour back to the original container as this will increase the chance of contaminating the milk and cause spoilage.

To make transparent and clean ice

To make transparent and clean ice, boil the water to remove impurities and then freeze it after cooling it down.

To store spices in the freezer or fridge compartment

To  prevent flavors from escaping, store the spices in a dry place out of reach of sunlight. The freezer or fridge compartment is the best place to store spices.

To store potatoes freshly

To enjoy fresh potatoes for an extended period of time, wrap with paper and put it in a plastic bag. Store the potatoes in the fruit drawer.

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