Where's the Samsung Washing Machine Model/Serial Number?

Last Update date : Jul 13. 2022

Note: Steps below may be different for some models. Images are only for reference purposes and the locations might differ.

What is a Model number?

This number is used to differentiate between models in a company’s line of devices or appliances. Many devices or appliances can share a model number, indicating they are the same model.

What is a Serial number?

Often abbreviated to S/N, this number is a unique hardware identification number chosen by a company and given to each device or appliance produced. The number is used to match a product to its customer, so that the company has a record of possession. This number is only used by the original producer of the product.

Front Load Washing Machine

For Front Load Washing Machines, the Model and Serial numbers are usually printed around the front door, otherwise, they will be printed at the back of the appliance.

Front load washing machine serial number

Top Load Washing Machine

For Top load washing machines, the Model and Serial number are printed at the back of the appliance.

Top load washer serial number

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