How Do I Turn Off the Alarm on My Washing Machine?

Last Update date : Apr 25. 2022

If you want to turn off the sound of your washing machine alarm at the end of a wash cycle, follow this guide provided. The information below is a general guide for our washing machines and should help you. However, if you want specific directions for your model, check the user manual that came with your appliance.

Deactivating the alarm sound

You can turn the washing machine alarm sound at the end of a wash cycle on or off as needed. Navigate to the 'Sounds on/off’ function and set it to off. When the function is set to off, the cycle completion melody, alarm, and the power-off melody will all be disabled.

However, the other sounds the machine makes will still be on. The sounds when you push buttons, for example, are set on by default and cannot be disabled.

Once you set the sound on or off, the setting will remain in effect even if you restart the washing machine. 


  • Methods to activate or deactivate the alarm may vary between washing machine models. 
  • If you cannot find the function on your model, check the user manual you received with your appliance for specific details.

Type 1. AI Panel model

Step 1. Press the Options (①) button for 5 seconds. 

Step 2. Turn the dial (knob) (②) clockwise to set the 'Alarm settings'.

Step 3. Press the O (③) icon to turn the alarm on or off.

washing machine how to turn off alarm on ai panel model

Type 2. LED Panel model

Step 1. Press Spin (①) and Options (②) simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Step 2. Check the alarm indicator on the panel. (The red lamp will be lit next to the bell icon when the alarm is on.)

washing machine how to turn off alarm on led panel model


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