How to activate Vacation Mode in a Samsung refrigerator?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

Vacation Mode is designed to keep your entire fridge running efficiently (using less power) while taking extra steps to prevent food from going bad. It powers down the Fresh Food section of the fridge, leaving only the Freezer running.


Activating or deactivating Vacation Mode is done differently across several models.


To check whether Vacation Mode is ON or OFF, check if the power symbol (light bulb with a plug icon) is displayed in the control panel. If it is, Vacation Mode is ON, otherwise, it is OFF.


Some models would require you to press and hold a button for a certain period of time until the Vacation Mode symbol appears.

Vacation Mode
Vacation Mode

Accessing Vacation Mode for different models

When the Vacation Mode is activated, the temperature in the refrigerator compartment will be automatically set to 15°C while the freezer runs on its normal state, which in turn saves power while still keeping foods frozen.

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