How to clean and maintain your Samsung Family Hub fridge?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

Simple Refrigerator maintenance and care can help to lengthen the life and reduce the cost of running it. Follow the instructions below to maintain your Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator:

Removing Components

a) Ice Bucket


To remove the ice bucket, follow these steps:

1 Hold the bottom of the ice bucket with one hand and hold the side with the other hand
2 Gently lift up and pull out
Gently lift up and pull out
3 Remove the remaining ice cubes and put the ice bucket back into position
Put the ice bucket back into position

Please note:

• If the ice bucket is not firmly inserted, turn the ice screw by 90 degrees and try again

• Removal of the ice bucket does not affect the thermal and mechanical performance of the Refrigerator
• Do not apply excessive force to the bucket cover as it may break

• Use only the ice bucket provided. 3rd party ice bucket may cause a system failure

b) Tempered glass shelves

1 To remove a shelf, hold the front of the shelf and gently lift up and slide out
To remove a shelf
2 To reinsert, lower the rear side of the shelf and insert into the shelf hooks. Then, lower the front side to slide in to the end
To reinsert a shelf

C) Door Bins

The top door bin section has a marked line to ensure easy removal and proper insertion  

1 Lift up the door bin and then pull out straight
To remove the door bin

d) Vegetable & fruit drawers

Gently lift up the front of the drawer and slide out.


In order to prevent damage to the door bins, it is recommended to remove first before removing the drawer. 

To remove the Vegetable and Fruit Drawers

e) Vegetable Shelf

1 Slide out the left-sided vegetable drawer
2 Slide in the right-sided foldable shelf
Slide in the right-sided foldable shelf
3 While supporting the vegetable shelf with one hand, slide out with the other hand
Slide out the Vegetable Shelf

a) Interior and Exterior

Regularly use a dry cloth to remove all foreign substances such as dust or water from the power plug terminals and contact points.

1 Unplug the power cord
2 Use a moistened soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel to clean the Refrigerator’s interior and exterior
3 When done, use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry well
4 Plug in the power cord

Please note:

• Do not use benzene, thinner, or home/car detergent such as Clorox™ for cleaning purposes. They may damage the surface of the refrigerator and cause a fire

• Do not spray water onto the refrigerator. This may cause electric shock

• Do not put fingers or other objects into the dispenser hole

• Do not spray water directly on the LCD display or speaker. This may cause fire, electric shock, or damage

• Do not scratch the LCD display or speaker. This may cause permanent damage

b) Inner-view Camera


• Use a cotton swab or microfiber cloth to clean the camera on the left-side door of the fridge

c) Replacement of Water Filter and LED Lamps


Water Filter


When the water filter indicator turns red, it is a reminder that it is time to replace the water filter. Before replacing the filter, make sure the water supply line is shut off.

1 Turn the knob of the filter cartridge counter clockwise by 90 degrees (1/4 turn). The filter cartridge will unlock
Turn the knob of the filter cartridge counter clockwise by 90 degrees
2 Pull out to remove the cartridge
Pull out to remove the cartridge

Please note:

• If the water filter is contaminated severely, the cartridge may not be easily removable. In such case, pull out by force
• To prevent water leaks from the opening, keep the cartridge in line while removing it
• To prevent overflow, empty and dry the water filter tray

3 Insert a new filter cartridge. Use only Samsung-provided or approved filters
Insert a new filter cartridge
4 Turn the cartridge knob clockwise to lock into place
5 On the Home screen, tap Fridge Manager > Fridge Settings > Water Filter, and then select Reset.
The filter indicator turns blue.
6 When replacing is completed, open the water valve and run water through the dispenser for about 7 minutes. This is to remove impurities and air from the water line

Please note:

• A newly installed filter may cause the water dispenser to spurt water. This is because air is entering the water line

• During replacement, water might drip from the Refrigerator. Wipe it with dry cloth

LED Lamp

To prevent electrocuted, do not attempt to replace a lamp yourself. For replacement, visit our local Samsung Service Centre for more information.

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