How to control the temperature on Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

With Fridge Manager, you can quickly and easily the temperature of the Fridge/Freezer/Flex Zone section on your Family Hub.

1 From the Home screen, swipe to the right for more options
2 Tap on the 'Fridge Manager' tile
3 The temperature of each zone will appear on the display.

The top section displays the temperature for the main Fridge, whereas the temperature of the main Freezer and FlexZone is on the bottom left and bottom right respectively.

To adjust the temperature, simply tap the up or down arrow.

The FlexZone comes with several options for your ease of use.

- Frozen: Set the temperature the same as the Freezer

- Soft Freeze: Keep meat and fish in low-level frozen conditions. Perfect for soft serve ice cream too!

- Meat & Fish: Keep meat or fresh fish in a non-frozen condition

- Cheese & Vegetable: Keeps cheeses and vegetables fresh

4 Tap on 'Save' to save your preferences.

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