How to maintain your Samsung Active DualWash?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

Keep the Washing Machine clean to prevent deteriorated performance and to preserve its lifecycle.

To learn more about how to maintain your Samsung Active DualWash, follow these steps:



Clean the control panel with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive powders or cleaning pads or even spraying cleaners directly on the panels.

Eco Tub Clean

Regularly run this cycle to clean the tub and to remove bacteria from it.
• Makes sure the tub is completely empty
• Press POWER to turn on the Washing Machine
• Press Cycle 3 to select ECO TUB CLEAN. You can also use Delay End with Eco Tub Clean
• Press and hold START/PAUSE

Please note: Only run Eco Tub Clean when the tub is completely empty. This may cause damage to the laundry or a problem with the washing machine

Built-in sink

• Open the door, and use a cloth or sponge to clean the Built-in sink
• Press Water Jet to supply water to the board. Use this water to rinse the board

Lint filter

1 Press down the upper area of the filtercase to remove
Press down the upper area of the filter case to remove
2 Unlock the cover, and clean the filterwith running water and a brush
3 When cleaning is completed, close thecover and reinsert the filter case to theoriginal position. You will hear a clickingsound when the filter case fits in
Reinsert the filter case to the original position

Pump filter (applicable models only)

1 Put a floor-cloth or towel underthe Pump filter. Turn the filter knobanticlockwise to remove
Turn the filter knob to remove Pump filter
2 Clean the filter with running water and asoft brush
Clean the filter with running water and a soft brush
3 Reinsert the filter, and turn clockwiseuntil it locks into position
Reinsert the filter, and turn clockwise until it locks into position

Mesh filter

Clean the mesh filter of the water hose once or twice a year

1 Use pliers to pull out the mesh filterfrom the water inlet
Pull out the mesh filter
2 Use a soft brush to clean the mesh filterwith running water
3 Reinsert the filter. Make sure it istightened against water leaks
Reinsert the mesh filter and check for leakage

Detergent drawer

1 Open the door and then the Built-in sinkto reveal the detergent drawer
2 Slightly lift up the front edge of thedrawer, and then slide it open
3 Remove the wing distributor (A) andrinse cap (B) from the drawer
Remove the wing distributor (A) and rinse cap (B) from the drawer
4 Clean the drawer as well as thedistributor and rinse cap with runningwater and a soft brush
Clean the wing distributor, rinse cap and the drawer
5 When completed, close the rinse cap andreinsert the distributor. Then, reinsertthe detergent drawer
Reinsert the Detergent Drawer

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