Is a Voltage Stabiliser Required for My Air Conditioner?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

When the air conditioner power supply is not good, there are low voltage conditions, or the device is working without a stabiliser, the cooling power may feel weak. Check the power supply frequently and ensure the device is not in a low voltage environment. A voltage stabiliser may be required since it manages fluctuations in power and avoids irreparable harm. Please note that the installation and use of the stabiliser may vary depending on the local power supply situations.

What is a voltage stabiliser?

A stabiliser is a device that stabilises utility voltage before supply to the air conditioner. Simply, a stabiliser prevents the appliance from 'being fried' by voltage spikes.

A stabiliser detects and stabilises external input voltages with a high or low output surge and transmits stable output voltages to the air conditioner. (It will reduce the voltage when the voltage coming into your home reaches the amount defined by the appliance manufacturer, keeping it within the acceptable range.)

A stabiliser is needed for any appliance that is vulnerable to power fluctuations. 

voltage stabilizer connected with air conditioner

A voltage stabiliser for your air conditioner

Samsung air conditioner is stabiliser-free, operates steadily and reliably without getting damaged due to excessive flow of electricity in case of voltage fluctuations.

Depending on the local characteristics, such as in India, where power outages or power surges occur frequently, extra stabilisers for home appliances may be necessary for product efficiency.

voltage stabilizer with air conditioner

Consider local characteristics

In countries like India, power surges are common. They can result in a sudden spike in voltage throughout the home. A sensitive appliance in your home runs the risk of being affected by a power surge. Therefore, you should check if there might be any voltage fluctuations not only in the appliance itself. 

If a power supply problem occurs, the air conditioner will automatically operate at a lower power so that the outgoing air temperature will increase. It may make you feel as though the room temperature is not cool enough. 

Also, especially in the summer, when air conditioners are frequently used, the appliance may judge that it is in a low voltage environment itself due to power problems.

You can install stabilisers if necessary, to ensure stable supply power. The voltage stabiliser can protect the air conditioner from voltage fluctuations.

If the power supply of the air conditioner is cut off due to a power outage, the air conditioner function will automatically return to the previous settings when the power is back. 

  • If the voltage is cut off due to a power outage while using the air conditioner, the compressor will operate after approximately 3 minutes of a power outage. 
  • Under this situation, the indoor unit will operate for 3 minutes first, and later the compressor will operate for 3 minutes, and the cooling air will come out.
  • After the power supply is restored again, the machine will operate automatically.

Note: In case of a power outage, it is recommended that you unplug the electronics from the outlet to prepare for any impact of power recovery.


  • Stabiliser installation and use may vary depending on region and the local power supply situation.
  • If a stabiliser installation is required, follow the instructions of a professional electrician.
  • The type of stabiliser device and the instruments available in the market depend on the local circumstances.

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