Navigating the Control Panel of fridge (RH62 Model)

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

The ShowCase is a fridge within a fridge for quick and easy access to all of your family’s favorite and frequently used foods. The InnerCase keeps your groceries perfectly fresh. Located deeper within the fridge, it’s the perfect place to store and preserve larger and less perishable items, such as vegetables, fruits and meats.

To fully utilise your Samsung Refrigerator, following the instructions below to understand the function of the Control Panel:

Control Panel for Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator (RH62 Model)





Freezer (1)

The Freezer button can be used to set the freezer temperature, or to activate Power Freeze. Available temperatures are between -15 °C (5 °F) and -23 °C (-8 °F).






Power Freeze (1)

Power Freeze speeds up the freezing process at maximum fan speed. The freezer keeps running at full speed for several hours and then returns to the previous temperature.


• To activate Power Freeze, press and hold Freezer for 3 seconds. The corresponding indicator lights up, and the refrigerator will speed up the freezing process for you

• To deactivate, press and hold Freezer for 3 seconds again. The freezer returns to the previous temperature setting

• To freeze large amounts of food, activate Power Freeze for at least 24 hours before putting food in the freezer





Vacation (3)

The Vacation button can be used to activate/deactivate Vacation mode when you are going on vacation or do not intend to use the Refrigerator for an extended time


Press and hold Vacation for 3 seconds to turn off the fridge operation with the Vacation indicator on


Please note: It is strongly recommended to empty the fridge compartment and make sure the door is closed



Fridge (4)

The Fridge button can be used to set the fridge temperature, or to activate/deactivate Power Cool

Keep pressing Fridge to cycle through the temperature bar, and select a desired temperature between 1 °C (34 °F) and 7 °C (44 °F)




Power Cool (4)

Power Cool speeds up the cooling process at maximum fan speed

This is useful to quickly cool food that spoils quickly, or after the door is left open for some time. The fridge keeps running at full speed for

several hours and then returns to the previous temperature. Press and hold Power Cool for 3 seconds



Control Lock (7)

To activate the Control Lock, press and hold Control Lock for 3 seconds. The controls on the display are disabled, and the dispenser does not operate even if you push the lever. To deactivate, press and hold again for 3 seconds





authentication (7)

When connecting the Refrigerator to Samsung Smart Home App or Samsung smart devices such as Samsung Smart TVs, follow the app's or device's onscreen instructions and press and hold Control Lock for 5 seconds.

The temperature panel displays ON for 5 seconds before proceeding with the authentication procedure

Please note: Control Lock function will be no affected by this authentication


Network connection  (10)(applicable models only)

You can use the optional Smart Home Dongle (sold separately) to control and monitor your Refrigerator through the Samsung Smart Home app

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