Type of accessories for Samsung POWERstick PRO

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020

POWERstick Pro comes with various accessories that will help you to clean your house more efficiently.

Please note: Accessories may differ depending on the models

Type of accessories for Samsung POWERstick PRO

Soft Action Brush - Use the Soft Action Brush to clean small dust particles off a floor (wood and linoleum)
Turbo Action Brush - Use the Turbo Action Brush to clean various floor conditions at home, it is also suitable to clean carpet
Mini Motorized Tool - Use to clean bedding
Combination Tool - Use to remove dust from curtains, furniture, sofas, etc
Extension Crevice Tool - Use to remove dust in grooves of window frames, chinks, corners, etc
Flexible Tool - Use to clean ceilings and upper or rear parts of furniture

Please note: The Flexible Tool can be connected to the CombinationTool and Extension Crevice Tool

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