What to do when Samsung Air Conditioner emits a Bad smell?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

There are no components in the Air Conditioner that will send out chemical smells. Most of the cases are caused by dirty air filter. To maintain the performance of your Air Conditioner, it is advisable to clean the air filter regularly.

Possible causes

• Dust particles might be blocking the air path, causing low cooling inside the room
• Ambient is humid
• Bad smell sucked by blower from outside the room
• When the Air Conditioner is turned on, other smell sources might be sucked into it
• Find and root out the smell sources
• When the drain hose is taken out to the washing room, there are sources of smells such as a diaper bin, a shoe shelf or a socks bin, bad smell is emitted
• It may occur where glass cleaners or air fresheners are used
• Bad Smell might be emitted due to dust and moisture sticking on Air-con coil and filter


To clean the air filter, follow these steps:

1 Turn off and unplug your Air Conditioner

Please note: If you can't unplug the Air Conditioner, switch off the circuit breaker which the Air Conditioner is plugged

2 Open the front grill of the Air Conditioner
3 Remove the air filters
4 Clean the filters with a vacuum cleaner or a brush
5 Replace the filters and re-attach the grill
6 Plug the Air Conditioner back in or switch the circuit breaker on

After you have cleaned the air filters, it's a good idea to run the fan only for three or four hours to make sure that the inside of the Air Conditioner is thoroughly dry, especially if you haven't used it for a long period of time.

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