New features on the UI with Galaxy Z Flip mobile

Last Update date : Jul 15. 2022
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With the new Galaxy Z Flip, there are new features added on to your UI during use. When folded, the UI adapts to a optimized Ui that allows user to have better experience when it's folded.  




The flex mode would be the slight Ui changes of adaptations made to improve the experience while in partial folded form.  It is currently compactible with selected apps as more apps will be updated to take advantage of the flex mode and compactibilty to increase over time. More apps are updated to take advantage of the Flex mode and compatibility will increase with time.  


Current Supported Apps :

Camera, Always-on-Display, Quick View ( Gallery, Video ), Video Call ( Native / Google Duo )  


If this do not help with enquiry, do contact us on Live Chat or 1800-7267864 ( Samsung )  

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