How do you convert handwriting to text and other formats using S Pen and Samsung Notes?

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

Please note that the following steps only work on Samsung Galaxy Note10/Note10+

You can convert handwriting to text with the use of Samsung Notes app on your Note10/Note10+.

1 Launch the Samsung Notes app and tap
2 Select the write or draw with pens option on the toolbar at the top of the screen.
Samsung Notes screen
3 On the note composer screen, you can start to write with the S Pen. After writing on the screen, tap it with your finger. To select all of your handwriting on the current page, tap . Options will appear in the preview window. To replace the handwriting with text, tap Convert.
S Pen convert Handwriting to text

The Microsoft Word export option is new on the Galaxy Note10/Note10+ which has Office Mobile pre-loaded on it and you can export it as a Microsoft Word document. 


There are other file types options for exporting in Samsung Notes. After saving your notes, just tap the Share icon at the top right, and choose which file type you will like to export it as. The other export options are Text, PDF and image.

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