How to use Wireless PowerShare on your Galaxy phone

Last Update date : Jul 01. 2022

The Wireless PowerShare feature allows you to use your Galaxy phone to charge other devices such your Galaxy watch, buds, or another phone. Most Qi-compatible devices have this feature, allowing device-to-device charging without the need for a typical charger or cable.  You can also charge a device normally while it is using Wireless PowerShare to charge another device.

Powershare on Phone Powershare on Phone

Note: Although Wireless PowerShare works with most Qi-Compatible devices, it may not work with some cases, accessories or other manufacturers' devices.

Wireless PowerSharing Note10 to Galaxy Watch

Device-to-Device charging with Wireless PowerShare

Step 1. Ensure that the phone you're using as a charger to Powershare has at least 30% battery.

Step 2. Swipe down from the top of your screen with two fingers to open Quick Settings.

Step 3. Find and tap the Wireless Powershare icon to activate it.

Step 4. Place the PowerShare phone and the device you would like to charge back-to-back. The other device should start charging.

Step 5. To stop charging, simply separate the two devices. Wireless PowerShare will automatically deactivate on your PowerShare phone after 60 seconds when no other device is detected.

Swipe down to access Quick Settings

Compatible devices

Most Qi-Compatible Samsung Galaxy devices can be charged with Wireless PowerShare. 

Compatible phone models that can act as chargers

  • Galaxy S: Galaxy S10 and newer models
  • Galaxy Z: Galaxy Z Flip/Fold and newer models
  • Galaxy Note: Galaxy Note10 and newer models

Other compatible devices that can be charged by Wireless Powershare feature

  • Galaxy Buds: Galaxy Buds and newer models
  • Galaxy Watch: Galaxy Watch/Watch Active & Gear Sport and newer models
  • Galaxy S: Galaxy S7 and newer models
  • Galaxy Note: Galaxy Note8 and newer models


  • The location of the charging coil may vary by device model. You may need to adjust the devices until they connect with each other properly.
  • Only devices that support wireless charging can be charged using this feature. Charging speed or efficiency may vary depending on the device’s condition or surrounding environment.

Can't find the Wireless PowerShare icon in Quick Settings?

If you can't find the Wireless PowerShare icon in your Quick Settings panel, you might need to add it in.

Step 1. Tap on the '+' icon (last icon in your Quick Settings).

Add icon to Quick Settings

Step 2. Find the Wireless PowerShare icon and drag it to an empty slot in your Quick Settings Panel below.

Drag Wireless PowerShare icon to Quick Settings

Tips to PowerShare smoothly

If you are having trouble getting Wireless PowerShare to work, here are some tips that might help:

  • Do not use wired earphones while PowerSharing as it might affect nearby devices.
  • Do not move the devices while charging.
  • The efficiency of wireless charging depends on the distance between the charging coils embedded in the devices. You may need to adjust the position of the devices until they connect with each other properly.
  • The change in battery percentages on each device will not necessarily correspond to one another.
  • If you are charging the device that is PowerSharing, the charging speed may decrease or it may not charge properly depending on the charger type.
  • When remaining battery power drops below a certain level for the PowerSharing device, PowerSharing will stop.
  • Depending on the type of accessories or cover being used on your device, the Wireless PowerShare feature may not work properly. It is recommended to remove any accessories and protective phone covers before using this feature.

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