Access Health Monitor App for Watch Active2 and Watch3

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022

The Galaxy Watch Active2 and Watch3 can work with the Samsung Health Monitor app to monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. Find out how you can access Samsung Health Monitor here.

Before you try out the recommendations below, be sure to check that your mobile device and watch's software and related apps are updated to the latest version. 

How to Install the Samsung Health Monitor App

Note: The Samsung Health Monitor app is only available for download through the Galaxy Wearable app. If you do not have the Galaxy Wearable app, you can download it from the Galaxy Store or Play store.

Step 1. Open your Galaxy Wearable app on your Galaxy smartphone.

galaxy wearable app

Step 2. At the Home tab, select Apps.

Step 3. Select Manage apps.

samsung health monitor

Step 4. Look for Samsung Health Monitor and select it.

Step 5. Select Open app.

samsung health monitor

Step 6. Your watch should prompt you to select either Blood pressure or ECG in the Samsung Health Monitor app.

Step 7.  Select Blood pressure or ECG.

Step 8. You will then be prompted to install the app on your phone. Select Download the app.

Step 9. On your phone's screen, the Galaxy Store should be opened, showing the Samsung Health Monitor app.

Step 10. Select Install.

samsung health monitor


  • Electrocardiograph (ECG) and Blood Pressure (BP) tracking are only available for Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch3.
  • Samsung Health Monitor app is only available on Galaxy smartphones.

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