How to activate Dual Messenger feature on Samsung Mobile?

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022

With Dual Messenger, you can use two separate accounts for the same messenger App. Once enabled, a second app icon will appear on your Home screen.

Please note: Dual Messenger supports specific models only

To activate the Dual Messenger feature, follow these steps:

1 Tap Settings
Tap Settings
2 Tap Advanced features
Tap Advanced Features
3 Scroll down and then tap on Dual Messenger
Tap on Dual Messenger
4 Toggle on the switch for the App you want to create a separate account for.
Toggle the switch to activate the messenger App

Please Note: Only compatible apps will be shown in this list.

5 Read the Disclaimer and tap Confirm
6 Tap on Install and the second App will appear on the Home screen.
Tap Install

Please Note: If the main messaging App is disabled or uninstalled, the second App will be deleted automatically.

7 The second App will have a Dual Messenger logo at the corner of its icon for you to easily distinguish between the two.
Second app with dual messenger logo
8 You can now login to a separate account using this second version of the app.
Second app with dual messenger logo

Please Note: The Apps shown in images are for illustration purposes only. Apps shown on your phone may differ based on factors such as model, compatibility, Apps downloaded, etc.

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