Difference between Super Slow Mo and Slow Motion Video

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

Super Slow Mo (960fps) is a feature that allow users to record videos using a high-speed camera at 960fps, and to capture moments that the human eye can’t normally see by playing them 32 times slower than normal videos(30fps) and 4 times slower than videos shot with the existing Slow Motion option (240fps).

For Galaxy S9/S9+ and Note9, Super Slow-mo video (0.2 sec or 0.4 sec) could be played as approximately 6 sec or 12 sec long. Whereas forGalaxy S10 Series, Super Slow-mo video(0.4 sec or 0.8 sec) could be played as approximately 14.8 sec. 

• Normal Video (30fps) : Video is played at the same speed as the actual movementor 27.6 sec long.


• Slow Motion Video (240fps) : Video is played 8 times slower than normal one, similar to the typical movie, commercial, or sports speed


• Super Slow Motion Video (960fps) : Images are played 32 times slower than normal ones, capturing small changes in facial expressions and minute movements of fast-moving objects

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