How to transfer contacts from Outlook to Samsung Mobile?

Last Update date : Jul 28. 2022

If you have contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook and will like to import into your Mobile Device, follow these steps:

1 Launch Microsoft Outlook in your Computer
2 Click File > Open > Import
Select Import in Microsoft Outlook
3 Select Export to a file
Select Export to a file
4 Select Comma Separated Values (CSV)
Select Comma Separated Values (CSV)
5 Select Contacts
Select Contacts
6 Click Next to save exported file. If you want to save the file to another location, click on Browse
Save exported file to locaton
7 Click Finish
Click Finish
8 Log onto your Gmail Account using Computer. Tap on the Gmail App Icon on the top right of the screen and select Contacts
Click on Gmail Apps Icon
Select Contacts
10 Click on More > Import
Select More > Import
11 Select
12 Agree to accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
13 In your Mobile Devices, select Settings
Select Settings
14 Select Cloud and accounts
Select Cloud and accounts
15 Select Accounts
Select Accounts
16 Select Gmail > Sync account
Select Gmail > Sync account
17 Select Sync Now and your contacts and calendar in Gmail will be synced to the device automatically
Select Sync Now

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