How to use Ctrl or Union when texting in Samsung Tablet?

Last Update date : Jul 28. 2022

You can also use the Ctrl (or Union) key to copy and paste text between different applications using keyboard.

You can use functions Ctrl + A, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V , Ctrl + Y in the same way as on a PC.
(A: Select All , Z: Undo, X: Cut, C: Copy , V: Paste , Y : Redo)

1 In the Message app, input your desired text and while on the text box, press the Ctrl + A (a) to select all text.
Using CTRL A to select all the text
2 Press Ctrl key + C key (c). The selected text will be copied to clipboard
Using CTRL C to copy the text
3 Tap the input text box of a different application. Use the keyboard to tap and hold the Ctrl key + V key (v). The previously selected text copied is pasted.
Using CTRL V to paste the text

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