How to use Samsung Gear S3 as a standalone music player?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

You can use your Gear S3 as a stand-alone music player or to control music played on your paired phone. Follow these steps:

1 On your Gear S3, press the menu button
Press the Menu button
2 Tap the Music Player
Tap the Music Player
3 Tap the Device icon to change the music source
Tap Device icon to change music source
4 On the paired device, open Music Player and scroll to the top to search tracks by playlist, albums, artists and more
Open Music Player from paired device
Search tracks by Playlists, Artists and more
5 You can send more tracks using Samsung Wearable App > Send content to Gear > Select tracks
Send content to Gear
Select Tracks
6 Choose your playlist. Pick your track and tap Done
The track will be sent to Gear S3
Choose Playlist
Music send to Gear S3
7 On your Gear S3, tap to the icon to change the music source back to Gear S3
Change Music Source to Gear S3
8 Tap Option icon. Here you can choose Shuffle, Repeat, mark a track as Favorite or connect to a Bluetooth Headset
Tap Option
Select different options to play your music

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