Overview of SmartThings and its features

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

Overview of Samsung SmartThings

•   It provides users a simple, unified way to control and monitor smart devices in one app

•   It offers easy setup, custom rule building, and sharing for convenience and safety
•   It supports Samsung IoT devices and works with SmartThings devices in selected regions 

Smartthings Apps

Features of Samsung SmartThings

•   Control all your Samsung devices from one App     
- Customers want a quick view and control of their whole smart home in one location through automations or manual commands 

•   Discover, control, and manage third-party bluetooth (Android only) and Works with SmartThings devices and sensors 
•   Build Automations and Scenes 
•   Quick access to devices from the Samsung Connect panel (available on select Samsung Galaxy devices only) 

Access Smartthings from Notification Panel

What are Automations and Scenes?


•   Build custom automations to automatically trigger multiple actions     

- Set up Automations to run at certain times or during certain periods     
- Trigger when another device reports a certain condition Example: Turn on my kitchen lights when motion is detected 


• Manually trigger actions with the tap of a finger     

- Create a scene with multiple devices     
- Can be automatically triggered by an Automation

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