What are the new design features on Galaxy Watch Active?

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The Galaxy Watch Active comes with a sporty, comfortable design withwide variety of advanced tracking features, which cover everything from daily workouts to stress, sleep, and heart rates monitoring, are housed in the compact, light body.

In addition, the Galaxy Watch Active gives you convenient device control and improved usability for itself and other smart devices with the help of Bixby. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Design Concept

The Galaxy Watch Active's body has undergone a complete transformation. The sleek, circular frame embraces the beauty of simplicity, and the flexible straps, made with a premium flourelastomer material, are a first for Samsung.

They're designed to stand up to wear and tear and are less vulnerable to stains, all while maintaining a soft feel. You can also find other straps available in a variety of colors and styles that suit you.

Choose from four stylish colors and find the perfect match for your activity style and your look.


• Simple, sporty design that goes well with your daily outfits

• High-performance straps for fitness activities made with premium flourelastomer

• Various strap options for different needs

Unparalleled Comfort for Active Lifestyles

Designed to support different kinds of active lifestyles, the Galaxy Watch Active features a surprisingly light body, weighing only 25 g, for superior comfort you can feel from the moment you put it on.

Whether you're just taking a short walk down the street or taking an arduous hike in the mountains, enjoy your activities to the fullest thanks to the Galaxy Watch Active's incredibly comfortable design.


• Slim, lightweight aluminum body with a minimalist frame for a comfortable fit

• Suitable for a wide range of activities

Superior Durability for Your Biggest Adventures

The Galaxy Watch Active boasts military-grade durability, according to a series of tests designed by the US military to prove equipment durability on the battlefield.

It's also 5ATM water resistant (up to 50 meters in depth for 10 minutes) stay by your side through all kinds of adventures, especially water sports and outdoor activities. Dare to be bolder and braver with the Galaxy Watch Active's durable hardware.


One-of-a-kind Watch Face Designs
With an array of unique, charming watch faces, the Galaxy Watch Active complements your natural taste and sense of beauty. Stay more active with more personalized, functional screens for different activities and occasions.

The advanced touch interactions work together to create a more convenient user experience. Appreciate the harmony of its beautiful exterior and intuitive interface.

• Lots of bold, unique watch faces to choose from

• Expressive screens for different occasions

• Advanced touch interactions for intuitive control 

Healthy Lifestyle Support

Advanced Workout Tracking That Works for You

The Galaxy Watch Active's automatic workout tracker can detect seven workout scenarios and provides real-time monitoring for your workout. Just start moving, and let the Galaxy Watch Active sync up with your body to create a continuous record of your workout. Its advanced tracking ability allows you to create complete, unbroken records of your workout sessions.

You can also manually select more than 40 different workouts to try new exercises or ones you particularly like.

With enhanced built-in GPS functionality, the Galaxy Watch Active helps you keep better records by tracking your workout distances more accurately.


• Try out seven workout scenarios to automatically create continuous workout records

• Choose from 40+ exercises

• Enhanced built-in GPS tracks your workout records more accurately

Form Great Daily Fitness Habits

The Galaxy Watch Active lets you set daily goals and shows your real-time progress so you can establish healthy habits. It displays your burned calories, exercise time, and hourly movement achievements with three simple readings you can quickly check for continuous motivation.

Check your progress any time on its unified, intuitive display. It's the simplest way to stay motivated every day and form healthy habits. Achieve your big goals through small daily successes.

Find Peace of Mind When You Need It Most

From upcoming deadlines and big projects to important business meetings, even when you're overwhelmed, just relax and take a deep breath with the help of the Galaxy Watch Active.

The Galaxy Watch Active's Get a Good Night's Sleep & Form Good Habits round-the-clock stress tracker detects when you're feeling under pressure and offers a breathing guide to help you relieve stress. You can also take a break with the Calm App, which guides you through a short meditation exercise that leaves you feeling more refreshed.

See how much better you feel after a few deep breaths. The secret torelaxation is right on your wrist.

• Offers a breathing guide when your stress levels are high

• Check your hourly stress levels via the Samsung Health App

• Compare your stress level before and after a breathing or meditation

Get a Good Night's Sleep & Form Good Habits

The Galaxy Watch Active even cares about how well you sleep. It tracks four different sleep stages including REM sleep, so you can check out your sleep profile and monitor your sleep cycles.a few deep breaths. The secret to relaxation is right on your wrist.session 

It gathers data and provides you with a sleep quality analysis that compares your sleep patterns to the average levels in your age group, helping you form better sleep habits.

With Goodnight mode, you can monitor your sleep without being disturbed by alerts. Experience better nights with the Galaxy Watch Active, and enjoy fresher, more vibrant mornings.


• Checks for motion to monitor sleep phases and improve sleep quality

• Goodnight mode silences all alerts except for your morning alarm

• Sleep Score  will be provided to intuitively show you how well you slept 

Intelligent Galaxy Ecosystem

An Upgraded Bixby Experience

Now your smart watch experience is even more convenient thanks to the addition of Bixby Voice to the Galaxy Watch Active.

With the support of Bixby, you can get the help you need faster and more easily. It can start tracking your workout, check your schedules, or even send messages for you. Start building an ecosystem for a healthy, convenient life with the leader of the Galaxy Ecosystem, Bixby. 

• Supports Bixby Voice 2.0
• Faster, easier access to amazing features

Worry-free Power Supply: Wireless PowerShare

The Galaxy Watch Active's wireless charging feature is an incredible asset when combined with the Wireless PowerShare feature.

Just put your Galaxy Watch Active on the back of your Galaxy S10 to quickly share its power with your Galaxy Watch Active. Whether you forgot to charge your Galaxy Watch Active because youwere too busy or spent the day traveling, there's no need to panic.

Never worry about running out of power with your Galaxy devices thanks to the amazing Wireless PowerShare feature.


• Charge the Galaxy Watch Active wirelessly via the Galaxy S10

• A direct power supply in emergency

The Expanding Galaxy Ecosystem

The Galaxy Watch Active brings users all the benefits of the Galaxy ecosystem to create a seamless user experience with SmartThings, Samsung Flow, Samsung Pay, and partnerships like Spotify and Under Armour.

Providing not just common features and functions, the Galaxy Watch Active continues to improve itself to provide a differentiated wearable experience by expanding its partnerships, strengthening the Galaxy ecosystem, and giving users more chances than ever to design a more intelligent and convenient future.

Put on the Galaxy Watch Active to see how much your everyday life can change for the better. 

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