What is Scenes and how to create in Samsung SmartThings?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

How does Scenes work?

Scenes present an easy way to control when certain automations are active. 

Think of Scenes as behavior filters for your home. You can change how devices act or behave in your home based on the Scene you are in. 

For instance:

• When in Home Mode, I want a motion sensor to turn on a light
• When in Away Mode, I want the same motion sensor to send me a text message as a security warning and to turn on an alarm
• When in Night Mode, I want that motion sensor to turn on a light and send me a text message 

For nearly every automation, Routine, or SmartApp in SmartThings, you can adjust that configuration’s settings so it only triggers during a specific Mode.  

How to create a Scenes?

In SmartThings App:

1 On the home screen, tap the Menu icon (3 horizontal bars on the left)
Tap Menu
2 Tap Scenes
Tap Scenes
3 Tap Add scene
Tap Add Scene
4 Enter a name for the Scene and add Actions
Tap Scene Name and Action
5 Tap Control a device
Tap Control a device
6 Select devices
Select devices
7 Tap Save
8 Device shown on dashboard

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