What to do when Multi Window cannot activate on Galaxy S5

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

If you are facing difficulty to activate Multi Window feature on your Galaxy S5, check whether Easy mode is enabled or not.

With Easy mode, you can use your Mobile Device with a simpler home screen layout and straight forward application interactions. The drawback is that it will limit some of the features. Hence, you can’t use Multi window feature when Easy mode is enabled.

To check whether Easy mode is enabled/disabled, follow these steps:

1 In Settings, tap Easy mode
2 If Easy mode is enabled, a green icon will appear . Tap the icon will disable the feature

Please note: It is still possible to have the home screen set to the normal Touch Wizz Home, and not the Touch Wizz easy home screen mode, when using Easy mode

To change TouchWiz Home screen mode, follow these steps:

1 Tap Easy Settings
2 Tap More Settings
3 Tap Default applications
4 Tap Home to change home style
5 Tap TouchWiz Home

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