Notes to take with new memory card on Samsung Mobile

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

In order to use a new memory card, you have to format it on your Mobile Device first. Otherwise, your device may not be able to recognise the memory card.

Please note: Backup all your files stored on the memory card. All files will be permanently deleted after formatting.

If you are unable to read the memory card after formatting, follow these steps:

• Check if the memory card is compatible with your Mobile Device. Using incompatible memory card may damage your device and data corruption on the memory card


• Formatting your memory card on a PC may cause incompatibilites with your Mobile Device. Always format the memory card on your Mobile Device

• Mobile device supports FAT and exFAT file systems for memory cards. When inserting a card formatted in a different file system, you will be asked to reformat the memory card


• Removing a memory card while the Mobile Device is transferring or access information can result in loss of data and damage to the memory card or Mobile Device

• When inserting a memory card into the device, the memory card's file directory appears in the SD memory card folder under the internal memory

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