[2022] How to use Multi View

Last Update date : May 04. 2022

Do you want to enjoy various contents simultaneously? Multi View is a good solution for you. With the 2022 Multi View feature, you can watch workout videos while watching your favorite show or game, without missing out on a thing. Use your Samsung Smart TV to the fullest.

Multi View allows you to enjoy your favorite content on your TV, including live channels, apps, gaming consoles and mirrored contents from your mobile devices. You can view multiple content at once on your TV by using the Multi View feature. To access Multi View, simply press the Multi View or Home button on your remote.

multi view tv screen

Multi View enriches your viewing experience by providing multi-content for each lifestyle or interest. Please follow the instructions below to start Multi View.

Step 1. Press the Multi View button on your remote for quick access to the Multi View menu.

starting Multi View step 1

Step 2. Choose how you would like to start Multi View.

starting Multi View step 2
  • Recent: Return to your most recent Multi View composition.
  • Saved: Return to a Saved Multi View composition.
  • Add View: Add an app/source to use with Multi View.
  • Make My Own: Select a layout template, app/source and easily compose a Saved Card.


Making my own Multi View screen

Note: You can change Multi View Autorun settings at Settings > All Settings > General & Privacy > Start Screen Options.

You can change the focus of each screen using your remote. A Settings menu will appear if you press the Select button with your remote on a focused screen. To learn more about how to customize the Multi View layout and other settings, follow the steps below.

multi view settings menu pop-up

How to use the Settings menu

multi view setting menu

Change App/Source: You can change the app/source of the focused screen.

Select content from this app/source: You can browse and select content within the Content Selection Mode. Press and hold the Return button on the remote to return to the Multi View mode. You can also press and hold the Select button on the remote to enter Content Selection Mode.

Change Screen Size: You can adjust the screen size to make it bigger or smaller.

Set Picture-in-Picture: You can choose which corner you would like to position the PIP screen. You can also change the background or foreground display.

Listen to the sound from two screens: Select this option to listen to the audio from both screens at once. This option allows users to watch a TV show while also watching a home workout video guide.

Connect Bluetooth Speaker: Connect your Bluetooth headphone to the screen and listen to the audio separately. This option allows a user to watch a video clip while another user watches a TV show.

Delete Screen: You can delete the selected screen.

Exit to Full Screen: Multi View is ended and then the full screen appears.

Multi View is supported on the following TV models / sources / mobile devices / USB cameras and apps. For more details, please refer to the information below.

Samsung Smart TVs that are supported by Multi View

   • 2~5 Views supported models: QN900B/QN800B

   • 2 Views supported models: QN700B/QN95B/S95B/QN90B/QN85B/Q80B/Q70B/Q60B/2022 The Serif/2022 The Frame(except 32 inch models)/2022 The Sero/Smart Monitor('22 M50B and above)


  • 5 views can be made up of 4 videos and 1 Ambient content.
  • To add a screen in the QN900B/QN800B model, select the '+' Add View at the bottom in Multi View mode to add the desired screen.

Sources that are supported by Multi View 

Multi View supports the following sources.

     • HDMI sources (STB/Console/OTT box/BDP/Laptop etc.)
     • Tuner
     • Mobile mirroring (Android/iOS)
     • Laptop mirroring (iOS/Windows10↑)
     • YouTube Casting
     • USB camera
     • SmartThings camera
     • Ambient(Clock/Weather)


Mobile devices that are supported by Multi View

Multi View supports the following mobile devices.

     • Supports screen mirroring compatible devices including smartphones or tablets. (Android 4.2 and higher)
     • Supported Airplay 2 compatible devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or MacBook.
     • Laptops/PCs using Windows 10

Note: Q6*B only supports Android OS based smartphones.

USB Cameras that are supported by Multi View

Multi View supports USB cameras. For more details on USB cameras, please visit [2022] How to use Google Duo.


Apps that are supported by Multi View

Multi View supports the following apps.

     • Samsung TV Plus / YouTube / YouTube TV / Melon / Barre3 / Web Browser

How to download apps on your TV

Step 1. On your Samsung remote, press the Home button.

Step 2. Click APPS.

app searching  step 1

Step 3. Search for Apps you want.

app searching  step 2

Step 4. Click Install.


  • Supported apps differ by region and can be updated without notice.
  • The list of supported mobile devices, USB cameras and apps may be updated without notice.
  • The number of screen configurations and supported sources may vary depending on the model.


  • If you are having trouble with your Samsung Smart TV, you should always check to see if there are any software updates available as these may contain a fix for your problem.
  • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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