Battery life during voice recording on Samsung MP3/MP4 Player

Last Update Date : Dec 06. 2018

As more battery life will be consumed during the recording, it is normal that the recording last for 4-5 hours only.

However, we advise you to change the Voice Recording Rate to 32kpbs in order to lengthen the recording time.

Do take note that there is a note in the user manual saying that the player is able to make a voice recording for about 66 hours. However, this statement does not mean that the player was able to do a continuous recording for 66 hours.  

It actually means that the total duration for all recordings based on 32Kpbs is 66 hours. Recording 1 (250MB, recording using 32Kpbs) + Recording 2 (128MB, recording using 32 Kpbs) + Recording 3 (64MB, recording using 32kpbs) +..... = 66 hours (total memory size 1GB).

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