How to connect a standard VCR to Set Top Box?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

Connect your VCR to Set Top Box using either the Video Out jack and its associated Audio Out jacks or the S-Video Out jack and its associated Audio Out jacks.

If you have a choice, use S-Video. It will give you a higher quality recording. An example of a typical Video Out/S-Video/Audio Out configuration is below:

Connect a Standard VCR To Set Top Box

Please note:
• If your set top box has a Resolution Select button on the back, you must set it to 480i before you record with your VCR
• To view recorded tapes on your TV, you must attach the output of the VCR to the AV or Video In, or the S-Video In jack on your TV. You must also attach the audio output of the VCR to the appropriate audio in jacks on your TV

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