How to control Samsung TV with Voice Control 9000 Series?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

You can access and select certain menu options and functions using voice commands. For more effective voice recognition, speak slowly and clearly in the language specified in the System > Voice Control > Language option.

• Voice control has two modes: Interactive voice control and Imperative voice control
   - Interactive voice control lets you give Conversational instructions to the TV    
   - Imperative voice control requires you to use pre-defined commands    

To use Interactive voice control, you must set up SMART HUB, set the clock and agree to the user's agreement on the use of terms. If you try to use Interactive voice control without completing all of these requirements, the TV displays a notification pop-up. If the pop-up appears, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the necessary settings.

Imperative voice control is available regardless of the Interactive voice control settings. Please read through the instructions before using Voice Control.

1 Press the VOICE button on the Samsung Smart Control. When the microphone icon appears on the screen, you can use the voice control function
2 Say a command. You can use Voice Control to operate the TV when you are watching a TV program or other videos
Say a command

Please note:
Say the command 4 to 6 inches from the microphone on the Samsung Smart Control. Voice commands may not recognized properly if you speak too softly or loudly. The optimal volume for voice commands is between 75 db and 80 db  

1 Using the Voice Recognition Tutorial

• Moving the focus
Say Focus Left, Focus Right, Focus Up, Focus Down to move the focus. These commands can only be used in situations when the focus can be moved.

• Selecting an item
Say Select to confirm the selection.

• View all Voice Commands
Say Help to display a complete list of voice commands by category. Say the name of a category.

• Deactivating Voice Control
Say Close Voice Recognition or press the VOICE button. This terminates Voice Control.

• The TV recognizes predefined voice commands only. These voice commands may differ from manual depending on the version of the TV
2 Using Interactive Voice Control
• Interactive Voice Control allows you to set up a Schedule Viewing, access VODs (Videos on Demand), search for and launch applications and execute various other functions using specified voice commands without having to remember specific commands or keywords. For example, instructs the TV to schedule a program for late viewing, say Schedule Viewing *** (Title)
3 Enabling/Disabling TV Voice
• Enable/Disable the TV's voice responses to your Voice Control commands. Navigate to System > Voice Control menu and the select TV Voice. This function is only available in the U.S.A and Canada
4 Selecting a Gender for the TV Voice
• Navigate to System > Voice Control > Voice Gender and select a gender for the TV voice. This function is only available in the U.S.A and Canada

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