How to reduce energy consumption for Samsung QLED TV?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

You can adjust the brightness level of the TV, reduce overall power consumption, and prevent overheating.

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● Ambient Light Detection

Automatically adjusts the brightness level of the TV, base on the ambient light level to reduce power consumption.

If the Ambient Light Detection has adjusted the screen brightness to a too bright or dark level, you can select Minimum Backlight to manually adjust the minimum screen brightness.

Minimum Backlight

When the Ambient Light Detection is turned on, you can manually adjust the minimum brightness of the TV screen to consider the brightness level of the surroundings. This function acts only when the value is less than the setting in Settings Picture Expert Settings Backlight.

● Energy Saving Mode

Allows you to select a brightness setting from the list to reduce the TV's power consumption.

● Motion Lighting

Adjusts the brightness in response to on-screen movements to reduce power consumption.

Auto Power Off

Automatically turns off the TV to reduce unnecessary power consumption if there is no operation for 4 hours.

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