How to use the display function when watching a movie?

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022

To use the display function when watching a movie on Samsung TV, follow these steps:

1 During playback, press the INFO button on the remote control

Please note: If the Blu-ray Disc has the PIP feature, press the INFO button in the PIP section to display PIP-related information

2 Press the ▲▼ buttons to select the desired item
3 Press the ◄ ► buttons to make the desired setup change and then press the ENTER button

Please note: You may use the number buttons on the remote control to directly access a title, chapter or to start the playback from a desired time

4 To make the screen disappear, press the INFO button again

Please note: If you are playing contents from the info menu, some functions may not be enabled depending on the disc

• Title: To access the desired title when there is more than one in the disc

• Chapter: Most Blu-ray Disc/DVD discs are recorded in chapters so that you can search a specific chapter quickily

• Audio: Refers to the film's soundtrack language. Blu-ray Disc can contain up to 32 audio languages and a DVD up to 8

• Playing Time: Allows playback of the film from a desired time. You must enter the starting time as a reference. The time search function does not operate on some discs

• Subtitle: Refers to the subtitle languages available in the disc. You will be able to choose the subtitle languages or, if you prefer, turn them off from the screen. Blu-ray Disc can contain up to 255 subtitle languages, and a DVD up to 32

• Angle: When a Blu-ray Disc/DVD contains multiple angles of a particular scene, you can use the ANGLE function

• PIP Video/ PIP Audio: You can make PIP Video or PIP Audio settings if the current title of a Blu-ray Disc appears in the PIP section. The PIP Video / PIP Audio options, however, will be disabled with a Blu-ray Disc that does not support the PIP feature

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