What is the color space setting in Samsung TV?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

Color Space is an option available in advanced settings in Picture option of Samsung TV. Color space refers to the range of color that the Samsung TV supports. 

Color Space Setting

This is a chart explaining the different color gamut's. There are three points to a color gamut Red, Green, and Blue that show how much of that color spectrum the unit can support.

Color Gamut

Settings in the Color Space Option

External devices connecting to the TV or a signal may support a different color gamut than the TV. If a device or signal is sending a different color gamut and the TV is expanding that range to the TV's full color range, this will change the saturation of the colors and could enhance or degrade the picture.

The color space option have two settings.

• Native: This will expand all incoming signals to the native color gamut of the TV, which can enhance the colors or over saturate them

• Auto: The TV will adjust the display gamut to match the incoming signal to prevent any over saturation of the colors

• Custom: It sets your own parameters. Reset the custom mode if you are unsatisfied with the results

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