What to do when images on TV screen jumps when connected to Samsung DVD Player?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

When images on TV screen continuously jumps, check the connection between the TV and DVD Player.

To install your DVD Player, follow these steps:

Choose the kind of video connection you want to make:

• Regular AV
• S-Video
• Component Video

The connection that you choose depends on the kind of connections available on your TV. Some TVs provide only one kind of connection, whereas others can support multipe connections.

Please note:
Samsung provides Regular AV and S-Video jacks and Regular AV and S-Video connecting cables with its DVD players. On some models, Samsung also provides Component Video jacks, but it does not provide the cables. Make sure the DVD player and the TV are turned off

Connect the DVD to the TV with the cables that match the kind of video connection you have chosen. After you have connected the video cables, connect the audio cables. The following diagram demonstrates how to connect the video and audio cables:

Connect the video and audio cables

Please note: Your TV must have audio input jacks to play the sound from the DVD player

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