VRF530E Robot VC with Visionary Mapping™ System, 0.6 ℓ

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0.6 ℓ

Dust Capacity

40 W

Max Consumption Power

3.6 kg

Set Weight

355 x 93 x 355 mm

Set Dimension (WxHxD)

Auto-mapping, smart navigation

Using Visionary Mapping™ System that has an onboard digital camera and two CPUs, VR5000 creates a map of your house and finds the most efficient cleaning path.

Auto-mapping, smart navigation

Powerful pet hair cleaning

The Samsung VR5000 picks up pet hair effectively with Samsung's patented unique design. It minimizes the risk of pet hair wrapping around the brushes.

Powerful pick-up of pet hair

Simply point and clean

A Point Cleaning™ controller that lets you guide it to clean dusty spots. Simply point the light in front of the VR5000. It will follow the beam and clean as it moves along the way

Simply point and clean

Always charged – automatically

As soon as the battery gets low, it will automatically move to the docking station to recharge itself. Once it’s fully recharged, it goes back to its last location and resumes cleaning.

Always charged – automatically

Silent Mode

Silent Mode significantly reduces operating noise while offering great cleaning performance. With such designed quiet sound level, you can talk over telephone or watch television while vacuuming.

Silent Mode

Virtually more protection

Protect your valuable furniture or pet beds from being damaged or disturbed using Virtual Guard™. Simply activate it with a single button and use it to set the restricted spaces.

Virtually more protection

Clean how you like

Various cleaning modes let you choose the best way to clean in different situations. You can choose 4 styles of cleaning from Auto, Spot, Max and Manual modes and schedule POWERbot VR5000 when to clean using One-Time and Daily Schedule modes

Clean how you like
  • 0.6 ℓ Dust Capacity
  • 40 W Max Consumption Power
  • 3.6 kg Set Weight
  • 355 x 93 x 355 mm Set Dimension (WxHxD)

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