When registering a Samsung appliance, the device freezes at 99%

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

During the last step of appliance registration, the process might be stopped at 99% if an error occurs with the internet server.

1 Check the distance between the appliance and the router.

1.    Check whether the appliance display shows the Wi-Fi antenna turned on.

2.    At the location of the appliance, turn on Settings  > Connections > Wi-Fi on your smartphone and check the strength of the
Wi-Fi. To connect with the appliance, three or more Wi-Fi network antenna bars should be displayed.

SmartThings Registration Freezing

3.   If the appliance is too far from the router and this causes the network connection to be unstable, install an additional router or a repeater to extend the coverage area.

4.   If the problem with the internet persists after going through the steps above, contact your internet
provider to request an inspection and inquire about a solution to the problem.

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